Video: 'In Living Color'

. Nov 29, 2008

So...I was sittin' back today watching my "In Living Color" box set, and I could not stop laughing. This used to be one of my favorite shows and sadly I forgot how funny it was. If you have some time to kill and need a good laugh, check out some of the clips below of some of my favorite skits:

Homey D. Clown

Anton Jackson

The Original "Yo Mama"

"Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money"

Oswald Bates

Hey Mon

ahhh...that's enough...haha....Enjoy!

Mixtape: DJ Tony Touch "Power Cypha 1,2,3"

1 comments iTunes was on shuffle today and then out of nowhere, the Busta Rhymes freestyle from Power Cypha Vol.1 came on. I have not listened to this tape in a minute and it felt so damn good to hear these MCs rippin' the mic again. Of course I had to listen to all three volumes after I got a taste..haha. After listening to the first two volumes, it killed me how many lines other rappers bit off this series. DJ Tony Touch's Power Cypha series is hands down one of the best hip hop mixtape series off all time. People used to go CRAZY over these joints, and rightfully so. These tapes are timeless and with that in mind, I decided to post it for all those who don't have it. You can also get an autographed box set of the series (I am definitely gonna scoop one) via DJ Tony Touch by clicking here.

Volume 1: Download

Volume 2: Download

Volume 3: Download

Video: Skillz "For Real" (Directed by Rik Cordero)


Dope video and song by Skillz, off his new album Million Dollar Backpack. I can't even express how happy I am that Skillz put out another album. I was bumping "From Where???" hard a few days ago and I definitely like his new project. "From Where???" was truly a slept on classic. If you have not listened to it, PLEASE cop it. VA stand up! I can't wait for the 2008 Wrap -Up. Anyway, check out the video below:

Throwback: "The Nod Factor"

Throwback: "Move Ya Body"

"I got to keep it tight like seams ain't no fiends comin' in between me and my dreams"

EPMD Album and Charity Events

. Nov 28, 2008

If you're a true fan of hip hop, you know who EPMD is. Even if you don't, your favorite artist has most likely sampled their music (e.g., Nas's Nastradamus and Jay-Z's "Ain't No *****") or has been influenced by Erick Sermon or Parrish Smith. In any case, to put it shortly, these cats have been around since mid-1980s and are still going strong, much like Q-Tip and KRS-One. They have long been regarded as pioneers in hip hop, especially with the use of sampling of funk and rock elements in their music. From "Strictly Business" and "Unfinished Business" to their new album dropping on December 9th, "We Mean Business", these timeless artists have been dropping classics day in and day out and appear not to have any limits. Further, they are in large part responsible for bringing out artists like Redman, Keith Murray, and Das EFX.

One of my favorite joints, "You Gots to Chill"

As mentioned, these fellas are putting out "We Mean Business" (drops Dec. 9th), and along with this project, they have teamed up several artists who have been inspired by EPMD and who have painted on various canvasses, with proceeds from this project to support the Brooklyn New York-based charity Groundswell Community Mural Project. For more information on this project, check the press release below:
Los Angeles, CA. (November, 2008) — Los Angeles based A.K.L.A Productions announced today the unveiling of “The EPMD Art Project”, a collection of premiere international artists creating works inspired by EPMD. Works from each artist will be presented on canvases and prints and auctioned off at a record release event and a listening party. In Los Angeles, EPMD will team with Zune at their Zune L.A. space, offering guests the first opportunity to hear the new album and bid on the exclusive artwork. A main event will follow in New York at Santos Party House, which will include performances by EPMD and friends, as well as the next opportunity to bid on the artwork.

Proceeds earned from each event will go to benefit Brooklyn New York-based charity Groundswell Community Mural Project. This is a unique opportunity for renowned urban artists to pay homage to, and collaborate with, one of the most legendary Hip Hop Recording groups of all time. Originally created by Eric Haze for Sleeping Bag Records, EPMD’s logo is one of the most recognized in the world of hip hop. Haze’s original Logo for EPMD will remain the true symbol for the group. These pieces are one-off interpretations, specifically created for this project.

“This is a celebration of hard work and an amazing new record. We feel blessed to have the support of all this talent and are happy to be able to use our good fortune to give back to the Groundswell organization and the kids they support,” states Parish Smith of EPMD. “The feedback has been incredible, this record reflects how far we have and come. To be able to collaborate with our fans to give back to a charity makes it even more special,” says Erick Sermon. EPMD’s new album “We Mean Business” will be in stores on December 9th.

Parish Smith and Erick Sermon are EPMD, the first rap group whose members excelled as both rappers and producers during their long lasting career. They one of the most sampled rap acts of all times. They introduced funk-styled production to rap. They are among the best talent scouts in the business, having introduced the likes of Redman, Keith Murray and Das EFX. They broke up and reunited. EPMD are undisputed legends in the rap game.

Groundswell Community Mural Project is a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization founded in 1996. Groundswell brings together professional artists, grassroots organizations and communities to create high quality murals in under-represented neighborhoods. The organization strives to inspire youth, communities and artists to take active ownership of their future and equip them with the tools necessary for social change. Work is done citywide with a special focus on Brooklyn. Groundswell teaches communities to use murals as a means to increase civic participation and encourages individuals to speak for themselves in a large-scale venue.

A.K.L.A Productions
A.K.L.A is a Los Angeles based production company founded in 2007. The company has an extensive background in the music and art scenes, and produces media events in New York and LA.

Design: The "Honda FC Sport"


Check on Honda's new hydrogen-powered FC sport. Honda just unveiled the design for this bad boy at an auto show in LA a couple weeks ago. Although I am not the biggest car fanatic, so don't come to me for specs or anything like that, I cannot deny that this is a SICK design. The US automakers definitely need to step their game up if they plan to stay afloat when companies like Honda and Toyota are making more fuel efficient cars that look dope like this. For the full scoop and the specs, which I chose not to copy verbatim, click here.

PS. I love the suspenseful moment at the very beginning of video. LOL @ "it's not production ready, it will never be built, in fact the only purpose is to look cool".

Spotted at: Inhabitat

Design: The "Boombench"


This might be the dopest thing I have seen in a long time. The "Boombench", designed by NL architects, is a sleek park bench equipped with two huge speakers on either side. The bench allows people to play music via the bluetooth on their mobile phone or mp3 player. This would be too crucial for those summer time outings or occasional pick up basketball games. Peep the pics and the video below.

Spotted at: Dezeen

Classic Video: Foxy Brown ft. Blackstreet "Get Me Home"

. Nov 27, 2008

I used to love this track. Again, WTF happened to Blackstreet? Let it Marinate...

Let's dig in the crates:

MP3: The Tempo Tandrum - "Vol. 66: The Heavy is the Head Tape"


Aight, so I have been fallin' a little behind with the Tempo Tandrum updates and I feel bad about it, because Ron puts out some GREAT podcasts from week to week. For the newcomers, the Tempo Tandrum is "a weekly 90 minute soundtrack of Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, Rock and everything in between mixed in real time with virtual turntables". These podcasts are posted in the section on the right sidebar called "iLLVibes Radio".The section is called iLLVibes Radio because in my opinion the content exemplifies what radio broadcasting should be all about. His podcasts contain the eclectic vibe that is a staple of our tastes here at iLLVibes. I am a huge fan of these 90 minute mixes and like a fiend, I have set them to be updated in my iTunes each week. If you are a true fan of GOOD MUSIC, you will love his podcasts and I highly encourage everyone to check them out and his page.

Mixtape: DJ Definit "A Lounge Called Quest"


I know this has been out for a few weeks, but for those of you who have not checked it out make sure you download it. Although you may already have a few of these tracks, as I do, the chemistry on this mixtape is crazy and thus deserves a download. I mean c'mon, what is 5 minutes and 90MB? Just press play and zone out...


While we are on ATCQ references, check out "A Tribe Called Fresh" by Daytona. I dug this one out of the archives.

INTERVIEW: Kanye with Angie Martinez


"I don't even like happy music...These are songs I dream about...sometimes when you dream you can hear a song all the way through and what happens with your creativity is that it gets blocked by what society says you should do you always over-think yourself"

-Kanye West

I love this damn interview with Angie Martinez, one of the best I seen and heard. "Hip hip is not supposed to have any rules." So i hope haters of this album understand that this dude is breaking barriers.

Please go and buy 808s and Heartbreaks and download 143s and Heartaches

MP3: Nas - Something Foul


This joint is gonna be on the new Tapemasters Inc. cut, so of course you got a couple shoutouts. But the track is amazing, it reminds me that early 90s Nas. The beat is so damn hip hop.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: does that beat sound familiar? It should

Let's dig a little deeper

Video: Q-Tip Drops 16 Bars

. Nov 25, 2008

Mannnnn I cannot wait to see this dude live in five days!!!!!

WTF???? #14


So I read about this story in the newspaper and was just absolutely shocked - and yet, not surprised - that this happened. When my boy sent me the news clip about it, I had to share the story. Apparently, employees at a particular Journeys store have the option to post certain racially-insensitive reasons as to why a customer decided to return a product. Perhaps little did the employee know that these particular reasons are actually printed on the receipt for the customer to see upon obtaining a refund. Make sure to voice your comments.

MIXTAPE: Melo-X & Format Mag Present: Futurama

. Nov 24, 2008
0 comments and MeLo-X present Futrama, a collection of 2008's next generation MCs. Futurama includes drops from 88 Keys, B.o.B., Big Sean, Charles Hamilton, Diz Gabran, Drake, Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, Mickey Factz, The Cool Kids, Wiz Khalifa and many more!


Format & Melo X Present FUTURAMA!

01 - Wiz Khalifa - Never Too Late
02 - Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, B.o.B. - Change Gon' Come
03 - Jay Electronica - Exhibit A Transformations
04 - The Cool Kids - 2K Pennies
05 - Nikki Ntu - GIANT
06 - JR Mint - You Ready ft. Deuce Wonder
07 - Curren$y - Top of the Money
08 - Asher Roth - The Reading
09 - Yung Juggz - Another Lover
10 - B.o.B. - Left Field Lovely
11 - Outasight - Good Morning
12 - Big Sean - Billioniare
13 - Skyzoo - Hold Tight (rmx) ft. Black Milk
14 - MeLo-X - Treat Her Right (And I Know)
15 - UNI - Hollywood
16 - 88 Keys - Hoe is Short for Honey ft. Kid Cudi
17 - Theophilus London - TNT On Me
18 - Pacific Division, Dom Kennedy, Carter - Everyone Knows Us
19 - Mickey Factz - Pick up the Bass
20 - Drake - Friends With Money
21 - Diz Gabran - Ike's Mood Revisted

MP3: Theophilus London - Cold Pillow feat. Jesse Boykins III


I have been WAITING for this song to drop

"Theophilus is evolution; an artist with a dynamic combination of hip hop and vocal ability which makes him stand out amongst a saturated group"
-------- URB Magazine

After the overwhelming response of his first project JAM!, Theophilus set out a much different creative direction when embarking on his next musical offering. JAM! which stands for "Join a Monumental Movement made a global impact. Theophilus traveled as far as Guam, Japan, Paris, Barcelona, & the UK.

Following up from his critically acclaimed mixtape JAM!, Theophilus is ready to deliver his next project: "This Charming Mixtape." Developed and produced as the prequel to his debut EP "This Charming Man", the first release begins with the introductory track "Cold Pillow" produced by Ricci Rucker feat. vocal prodigy Jesse Boykins 111.

Cold Pillow Live from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

"Cold Pillow"
finds Theophilus conveying the feelings of a torn, bitter man exploring the range of emotion experienced in a passionate relationship. From remorseful and somber to embattled and anger "Cold Pillow" touches the nerves with emotive lyrics and a melodic track.

Upon Writing the song, Theophilus directed a Music video along with Fam Studios to bring the song to light visually. He contacted Verdery Knights a Model and Best friend. With in three days after the video was shot, Verdery K. passed away.
According to Theophilus "this song now has tremendous meaning, and will live through Verdery K forever. The video will be premired on Wednesday. Nov. 26 at 11pm. details below.
Also we bring you
Cold Pillow Live at Crash Mansion in NY.

Video: T-Pain and Luda on SNL


Blizzard man!!! This ish had me rollin on the floor the whole time!!

MP3: Marky - Higher


This song is soooo hype and the overall feel to is sickkkk... Show this DMV artist some love!!



Marky - Higher

Mixtape: brandUn DeShay - One! for the Money


So I've been meaning to post this dude for a minute, and I finally had some free time to go through the inbox to find those hidden gems. This is definitely a project that people should consider hearing; this mixtape is truly a testament that the upcoming artists nowadays are no longer one-dimensional, that is, focusing only on the lyrics. That is not to say that focusing on lyrics alone is insufficient, but at the same time, you can really tell that brandUn put a lot of work on this project holistically - with the lyrics and production. You can't say enough of the production. My favorite songs are "Tag, You're It" (I love everything about this song!!); "Heartbeat Feestyle" (love the sample!!); "Ooo Wee Freestyle" (sick lyrics: "Be real, not pseudo, honesty's the best policy, and honestly there's no one hotter than me"); and "Under My Thumb" (great story). All in all, this is a sick project, and intertwined within his songs are brandUn's remix of Jay-Z songs, a faint indication of brandUn's potential to be a great producer, as well. My only qualm - and perhaps this also showcases his loyalty to his boys - is that there are too many features on this mixtape, so much so that it's difficult to get the entire picture of the man behind the project. Nevertheless, this is definitely a project to get!


brandUn DeShay - One! for the Money (mixtape)

For more information on brandUn, check out his blog or myspace.

Performance: Kanye on the VMAs


I was wondering throughout the night what Kanye was gonna pull off at the VMAs, but then again, I was also thinking about what was gonna happen during the last episode of Entourage this season!! I thought it was a great ending, and I - like my friends - am excited about the upcoming season and what's in store in New York!! But back to Kanye, here he is with his live performance at the VMAs... I still don't think this is his best song on the album; nevertheless, you have to feel the power of his lyrics and the passion he has for this project. It is precisely that passion that stands out in Kanye and what sets him apart from the rest. Make sure to support him and his music by buying his album tomorrow!!

PSA: Sound Cloud Drop Box

. Nov 23, 2008

Sup people? I just wanted to let everyone know that we added a Sound Cloud drop box to the blog, located on the right sidebar beneath our facebook link. Basically it provides a convenient medium for all you artists, producers, fellow bloggers, and music heads to hit us with new music. It's pretty simple. When you are ready to hit us up with something new, click the "send me your tracks" link which will take you to our personal dropbox. Then just upload your track or mixtape and we can easily listen to it, leave feedback, download it, and eventually post it on the blog. We added this option because it is a lot easier for us than sorting through tons of emails and downloading individual tracks/mixtapes before we can listen to them. The easier it is for us to peep your music, the less likely we are to sleep on your music...haha. If you want to hit us with emails, it's definitely cool, but realize it might take us a little longer to sort through things. We appreciate all you followers out there who make iLLVibes what it is today and we encourage y'all to leave feedback to let us know what you like, dislike, or want to see on the blog. Keep it Funky!

MP3: Drake - "A Little Bit" and "Pop Rose" feat. Treyz Songz


Dope songs by Drake....congrats to him on gettin in VIBE!


MP3: Colin Munroe ft. Wale & Dallas Austin - Will I Stay (remix)

. Nov 20, 2008

Some hot fiyah here from our boy Colin... be on the lookout for his mixtape that drops on Dec. 1st! Oh yeah, get ready for our interview of Colin, coming really soon!!


Colin Munroe ft. Wale & Dallas Austin - Will I Stay (remix)

Props to Andrew for reaching out to us!!

Video: Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap

. Nov 19, 2008

XV: Making "The Kid With The Green Backpack" - Episode III


My dude XV working hard, watch out for the iLL Vibes x XV Comic Book Mixtape in the works!

Interview: Ra The MC X


Great interview with Ra The MC. Check it out:

Design: The Floating Aerohotel


Check out this dope design by Alexander Asadov. Apparently, the fringes of the structure are designated to be hotels, thus allowing space in the center for greenspace (Check out the layout plan below).

Via inhabitat:

"Asadov’s Aerohotel consists of a 200 meter wide circular hub lofted by an interlacing network of supports anchored by three arms that stretch to the bottom of its site. The structure’s body will contain caf├ęs, restaurants, and winter gardens in addition to a hotel. The Aerohotel can be installed in any body of water, and the plans include docking arrangements for boats as well as a landing strip for a zeppelin - how slick is that?

Asadov Architectural Studio states that one of the benefits of the floating island is that it has “significantly less costs for construction against the gravel works. At this almost all the basin area under the construction is still untouched, thus improving the project’s ecological value.” If the current tides of global warming aren’t stemmed, we’ll certainly be looking towards more floating architectural solutions such as this."

Spotted at: inhabitat

Classic Video: Kool G Rap "My Life"


I remember the first time I heard this song was after receiving a Kool G Rap sampler in the mail from Rawkus Records. I remember I was 16 and I thought I was some type of VIP because I received a sampler for "Giancana Story" via a RECORD LABEL. Haha. Anyway, this used to be one of my favorite tracks back in day, in part due to the dope sample. The video was pretty dope too. Let it marinate!

The illustrious sample:

Chester French on OkayPlayer TV


Check out the video of the two below:

And just in case you missed our interview with Chester French a while back, here it is again. CLICK HERE.

Interview: Lyriciss (Arize Magazine)

. Nov 18, 2008

So we got this interview of the homie Lyriciss in our inbox... After a busy several days, I got the chance to read what he had to say, and he definitely has his head on straight... I really enjoyed, in particular, his perspective on the game and how introspective his concern was for the game. Peep the entirety of the interview below.

Arize: You were featured on Arize earlier this year, since then alot has changed in the economy and world, to say the least. What’s new with Lyriciss and your music?

For the most part, more people are hearing it. (laughs) But nah, man, I’m just working on new projects. Got a new mixtape dropping this winter called “Voice Of The Metro”. So far, I got the homies Pro’Verb, G*Two, Theo, & RAtheMC on there…may be more soon. Also working on a DMV compilation album with an independent label. I can’t say many details on it, but that should be major. Other than that, just attacking the internet, the magazines, and the radio to keep the name buzzing, you know?

Arize: Yea i definitely hear that. A few of your new(er) tracks ie. “Willie Lynch Chip” and others, seem to have a sharp edge to them. You’re addressing a lot of topics, not only in this track, but others as well. What made you want to tackle controversial topics such as the black communities different perceptions for “light skinned” blacks and “dark skinned” blacks?

Well, it’s real life. I’ve never really liked the more recent hip-hop trends of fictitious ballin’ and partying everyday. Nobody’s that happy all the time…we’re in a recession, soon to be a depression. Y’all ain’t making it rain EVERY night. And everybody isn’t a thug, gangsta, goon, etc. So you know, why not have a young voice talk about some real-life issues? Those are my favorite tracks anyway, because I relate to them the most. Life experience through me and people around just helped me write the actual songs and make them able to relate to the public also.

Arize: Point taken…So since you referenced the “fictitiousness” of the hip-hop trends that are around now, which one of these pisses you off the most? And do you think that the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude, or the “its cool to be stupid” demeanor, that a lot of mainstream so called rappers possess will ever end?

It’ll never end. Why? Because it’s an easy sellout. The people who do that try to ignore the responsibility their music holds with the public, while they make money off of it, which is nothing new. That’s the commercial music industry. I’m not mad at it, but I also can’t go that route, because it’s not me. None of it pisses me off though…does it make me chuckle? Yeah. (laughs) These dudes hop in photoshoots and music videos looking like they wake up angry at breakfast, but they’re the nicest dudes when you meet them. Rappers need to just be themselves, man. If you like being a regular dude, be a regular dude in your music…ain’t nobody going to knock you for it, and if they do, they ain’t SUPPOSED to be your fans.

Arize: hahaha…yea people are people…just be yourself, right?
Exactly, man.

Arize: The track “Blue Collar Chronicles” couldn’t come at a better time. What made you want to be honest enough to reference your previous employer? (Game Stop) How do you hope people will feel when they hear this joint?

Again, just being honest with my life. I’m still working regular jobs out here. I was talking about retail jobs on the song, but it’s called “Blue Collar Chronicles” because I was talking about my time working at UPS at first, but then I decided the stories of me working at Giant and Gamestop would be funnier, and according to the people, I was right. So many people gave me love over that track, because everybody’s worked a retail job that they’ve hated…I’ve worked A LOT of them. Almost everybody relates to that song in some way, so you know…the trick to it all is music that people can relate to.. Shoutsout to David E. Beats for producing that one.

Arize: right…yea i laughed hard at a few of the lines in the song. It almost felt like a flashback to when I was working in retail. lol. So since the indie market seems to be flooded with mixtapes of all sorts, what sets your mixtapes apart from others? And what can we count on hearing from yours?

You’d have to listen to my music and see what separates me from everyone else, you know? If I say this and that, I’m going to look cocky, and I’m so humble, joe. (laughs) I think I’m dope though…I think I make good music. People seem to agree, so just expect good music. Might hear some different types of sounds…some dope lyrics…some raw emotion…things of that nature. Maybe. (laughs)

Arize: Stayin humble huh? Thats cool though, keeps you on the grind. Hows the DC hip hop scene treating the unsigned and indie artists like yourself?

Man, I’ll be honest, the public doesn’t give us our proper respect. The people in the scene, we’re supporting each other more than ever. This has always been a go-go driven area. Hip-hop was pushed to the back. Now, we got artists hitting these open mics, collaborating more, and supporting fellow artists. The DJs are supporting online, even though it hasn’t translated too much into radio spins.

College radio is where it is…they’re supporting a lot. Shouts out WHBC over at Howard University and WRGW over at George Washington University, jben.ok and the whole Funkadelic Freestyles Radio Show. DJ Heat & DJ Dirty Rico at WPGC, DJ Alizay and Angie Ange at WKYS…they all show love to the underground DMV hip-hop scene.

Arize: Cool shit..Well, we make sure we show all the unsigned and indie artists love. There is definitely a lot of real, raw, and true hip hop that has yet to be heard. So before I let you go I have one more question to ask. You voting for McCain right? lol

Obama all day. And I’m from DC…if he gets elected and somebody harms Obama, it’s gonna be hell in DC. You heard it here first. Bong.

For more information on Lyriciss, check out his Myspace or his Blog.


Pro'Verb ft. Lyriciss - The Rapture

Lyriciss - The Blue Collar Chronicles

Lyriciss - The Hope (mixtape)

Interview with Theophilus London


Theophilus London Freestyle & short Interview from Theophilus London on Vimeo

MIXTAPE: iLL Vibes Presents: 143s & Heartaches

. Nov 17, 2008

Alright so I been listening to the leaks from Kanye's CD "808 and Heartbreaks" a lot and I'm definitely feeling the tracks "Heartless", "Coldest Winter", "Streetlights", "Robocop", and yeah pretty much everything I heard. So with a little bit of depression mixed in with inspiration from those tracks I decided hey let me put a play on words and come out with a mixtape themed with the trials and tribulations of l-o-v-e....mission completed. My intention was to have it be a 80 minute joint you can straight put on cd...mission failed. I got too many tracks so the hell with it, more music for you! Throw it on the ipod. I love these songs and I hope you will too. Got some really deep ones on here....

Drop a comment yall....come on the music is free lol


"iLL Vibes Presents: 143s & Heartaches"


1. Wale - I Love Your Girl Freestyle
2. Mickey Factz - You Remind Me feat. Jesse Boykins III
3. Fresh Daily - HBO (Heart Barely Open) feat. Jesse Boykins III
4. Drake - Sooner Than Later
5. Theophilus London - Blindfolded (Produced By Jimmy Edgar)
6. Mickey Factz - You Remind Me feat. Jesse Boykins III
7. Johnson & Jonson - Baby Don't Leave Me Know
8. Nando McFlyy - Acoustic feat. Wale
9. Charles Hamilton - The Honeymoon is Over
10. Mickey Factz - Let You Go
11. Wale - The Manipulation
12. Jesse Boykins III - Sobriety
13. 88 Keys - Cuddle Bums feat. Tanya Morgan
14. XV- Next Week
15. Theophilus London - Departure feat. Jesse Boykins III
16. Jay-z & Coldplay - Miss Trouble (Produced by Judah)
17. Drake - Brand New
18. Marky - You and Me feat Gwen Stefani (Produced by Fastrax)
19. Mickey Factz - There's Nothing Left
20. 88 Keys - True Feelings
21. Wale - Warwick Avenue feat Duffy
22. Charles Hamilton - Conversations with God
23. Kid Cudi - Whenever
24. Wale - The Grown Up
25. Charles Hamilton - The Pre Pre-nup
26. FKi - The Only One


This pic is too is a crazy thing.

Peace & iLL Vibes

Video: 88-Keys - True Feelings

. Nov 16, 2008

Latest from his mixtape, which dropped awhile back... so be sure to check out 88-Keys's latest project, The Death of Adam!

Nike Air Force 2 - Nintendo Wii


Some shoes inspired by the Nintendo Wii... check it out:

Info from MyAirShoes:
Nike and Nintendo have collaborated to design a new sneaker. They have used the Nike Air Force 2 and added inspiration from the Nintendo Wii. This shoe features a multi-textured shoe upper. The colors used are white, metallic silver elephant, white leather and white mesh. This shoe will go on sale in April 2009.

The toe box is a solo piece that has very neat rows of perforations. It ends with a panel of leather crossing the upper from end to end. The midsection has a segment in clear plastic, like a window, that is framed by the surrounding leather. If the user wears colored socks, they will show and make a complement to the shoe. I like this feature of the shoe.

The ankle collar of the shoe is white and below it is the patterned leather. The lower part of the heel is in white leather again. The design of the grey colored frame around the ankle and heel makes the shoe look interesting. The white Nike swoosh is attached over the clear plastic panel. The tongue has a Nike swoosh set within a mock button to switch on/off the Nintendo Wii. The back of the heel has a small reinforcement. The midsole is thick and has a no fuss design.

Video: Black Milk - Give The Drummer Sum


We've had this song on our playlist for a minute... def hot!! Now check out the video:

MP3: LA - I Want You Back Now (Prod. Mr. Music)


This is some Chicago fiyah, provided to us by the upcoming artists LA and Mr. Music. This tandem is definitely sure to bring more heat, so be on the look out! Props to Gowhere for this crack!


LA - I Want You Back Now (Prod. Mr. Music)

According to Gowhere, LA freestyled this entire track?!?! Damn, pretty impressive.

We'll keep you posted on that new album by LA, La La Land.

MP3: Pac Div Feat. Dom Kennedy and Carter - “Everybody Knows Us” Video

0 comments homie from The Daydreamer Creative put me on this. I'm excited to see Pacific Division on Nov. 30 with the Cool Kids and Q-Tip. This is a crazy twist on N.E.R.D.

VIMBY - Everybody Knows Us Music Video from VIMBY on Vimeo.

Mixtape: Nando McFly - Continue?


When I came across this mixtape I def had to download it. I heard a Nando track before and I liked it. The mixtape is definitely nice, dude has some standout tracks. . The word to best describe this mixtape is "chill" its a good joint to listen to when you are just trying to ride and take it easy, its mad smooth (Listen to "Handlebars" and "Kickflip"). He flipped The Five One track "DC Sleeps" and I got to say its better than the original. Hearing the "8 Mile Road" track was nice too man, I remember listening to the original joint back in high school and shit the track still resonates as Nando gives a personal perspective to the things he's been dealing with. I definitely gotta shoutout the "Acoustic" song with Wale spitting over the Shwayze.

I know alotta people be checkin the blog and don't comment, shit i do that all the time with over blogs but drop a comment for this dude after checking out the tracks. This might be his last mixtape and we gotta support the DMV and tell dude that he gotta keep going for the music man.

Click to Download:

Nando McFly - Continue?

MP3: Praverb - A Blogger's Dream (Prod. By Jake One)


Dope track from my dude Praverb. DMV STAND UP!

Mickey Factz: Behind the Scenes Footage


Itz Mickey!! Check out behind the scenes footage of the newest and best cats of 09!

Look for the interview part 2 with mickey coming soon

MP3: Lyriciss feat. Mouse aka The Waldfor - Put Yo Hand Up

. Nov 15, 2008

Spittin over that M.I.A. "Boyz"

Video: Gym Class Heroes Feat. Estelle - Guilty as Charged


Fresh track, even fresher video!

MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne - Dedication 3


Click to Download:

Lil Wayne - Dedication 3

MP3: Jaguar Skillz "New York 20 Minute Re-Up Mix"


Pretty dope mix. Purified my ears..."in the waters of lake minnetonka"

Flashback Video: Xzibit - What U See is What U Get


Damn I forgot how cool this video and track was....(sigh) Xzibit Pre-Pimp My Ride

lol all that happened on a trip to get milk

Video: "John Witherspoon on Steroids"


I laughed the whole way through this joint. I have been a fan of John Witherspoon since the days of Friday/ The Wayans Brothers. I was so happy they selected him for the role of "Grandpa" on The Boondocks. Btw, does anyone know when The Boondocks is supposed to be starting up again? Check out the clip below. Enjoy!

Spotted at : Rock the Dub

MP3: Joell Ortiz "Air Y'all"



Bonus: Peep this interview with Joell Ortiz in his hometown in Brooklyn

Mixtape: Hypebeast X Mick Boogie X Judah "Hype Club"


Judah talked about this in his recent interview with Coming soon...

Fashion: Flannel Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium


I spotted these over at TSG. I must say that, until recently, I have been a long time fan of AF1's and these are by far the freshest pair Nike has released in a long time. Not too sure when these are supposed to drop, but definitely add these to your list.

Mixtape: XV "40 Days and 40 Nights"


Just in case y'all missed any of the tracks from XV's 40 Days and 40 Nights, here is a compilation that XV put together. If you are new to XV or did not listen to any of the tracks from 40 Days and 40 Nights, please download this mixtape as there are a lot of bangers on here. Enjoy!

Trailer: Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero

. Nov 14, 2008

Many may recall that Colin Munroe created a huge buzz around himself by doing his remake of Kanye West's Flashing Lights. Well, he's been making a lot of movies, most predominately signing a deal with Universal Records under Dallas Austin's label. He's been in the works with a finished album after several years in the making, and now he's getting ready to drop his mixtape. By the way, WE HAVE A SPECIAL TREAT FOR EVERYONE: we did an interview with Colin not too long ago but have been waiting for the right time to post it. Don't worry, we'll have it up soon, as well as the interview with Mickey Factz, perhaps right next to each other! In the meantime, here's the trailer for the mixtape, with information about the mixtape below:

Press Release:
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 12, 2008 – In anticipation of the release of his debut LP, Don’t Think Less of Me, via Universal Motown in early 2009, artist/producer Colin Munroe has put the finishing touches on a 14-track mixtape, Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero, slated for digital release on December 1, 2008.

Produced in partnership with Sickamore & The Famous Firm, the mixtape was crafted over a two-month period in Dallas Austin’s Atlanta-based recording studio, the project includes appearances by Wale, Mickey Factz, Joell Ortiz, Blaqstarr and Skyzoo and showcases Colin’s wide-ranging influences, from a revox of Bob Dylan’s “Who Killed Davey Moore” to a remake of Q-Tip’s J-Dilla-produced “Fever”. Munroe supplied the bulk of the production with additional contributions by Detroit’s Black Milk and Dallas Austin.

Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero will be available for download on Monday December 1, 2008 via as well as The first release from the set, the “Will I Stay Remix feat. Wale & Dallas Austin” will be available online November 19, 2008.

In support of the mixtape, Colin has scheduled the following tour dates with Atlanta duo Proton. URB Magazine is the official media partner of the December 2 through December 6 dates.

12-02 Toronto, ON – Tranzac Club w. Proton
12-03 Los Angeles, CA – Viper Room w. Proton
12-04 New York, NY – Studio @ Webster Hall w. Proton
12-06 Atlanta, GA – Lenny’s w. Proton & Spree Wilson
12-09 New York, NY – Highline Ballroom (supporting Wale, Mark Ronson (DJ Set) & KiD CuDi)
12-12 New London, CT – Hanafins Pub w. Flowers & Kain

For more information on the above dates or Colin Munroe, please visit

Video: The Road to Achievement Episode 6

. Nov 13, 2008

Yo man, the nonbelievers have to start believing. Mickey Factz is that dude...check him out rapping after Cory Gunz and Charles Hamilton....I'm sorry but he KILLS THEM.

A follow up interview with Mickey Factz and iLL Vibes is in the works. Look out for it.

Interview: iHip Hop X Pacific Division & Blu