. Aug 7, 2008

Warren G. Bennis once said that "Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them." This is definitely the case with PSGraphicsDC and its founder A.J. Bush. PSGraphicsDC is a graphic design company that was born on the campus of Howard University in 2006. Since its inception, it has grown in size expanding not only its client base, now enlisting its services to clubs and business professionals in the DC area, but also increasing its specialization as it now offers website development and branding. Much can be said about the founder and "CEO" of PSGraphicsDC. I categorize Bush as one of those people who will settle for nothing less than perfection in every sense of the word. He constantly sets goals for himself and the company,goals which he readily accomplishes and exceeds. I truly believe that he has the makings of a future mogul as he works tirelessly in order to expand his company and further his craft. The iLLVibes Crew has had the pleasure of working with him multiple times on various projects ranging from the 90's Hip Hop Classics cover to our original logo, just to name a few. I recently had the
opportunity to sit down and ask him a few questions about PSGraphicsDC. Check out the interview below. Also be sure to check out his webpage and portfolio here.

What sparked your interest in graphic design?

Honestly, the need for a job around my busy college schedule. I’ve always been into the arts, but college takes up a lot of availability for working hours. I didn’t want to be a DEAD broke college student so I started offering design services on campus at Howard University. I moved up to being just a broke college student, the days of being DEAD broke were over.

Tell us about the inception of PSGraphicsDC.

It grew out of my dorm room in 2006. I had someone else working with me at the time. We wanted to take advantage of all of the young professionals in need of graphic design services on our campus. There were a shit load of clients. Howard is a melting pot of professional individuals that are destined for greatness. We felt as though PSgraphicsDC would be our ticket to being part of that crowd. My partner eventually left because he had other focuses, but I continue to own and operate PSgraphicsDC today.

Where did the name Photosynthesis Studios come from?

I came up with Photosynthesis Studios because I thought it sounded regal and nerdy at the same time. At the time I equated graphic design somehow with the “Synthesis of Photos” thus the name Photosynthesis Studios. After a few months I shortened the name to PSgraphicsDC. It worked out better anyways when it came time to purchase a website domain.

What are some of the pros and cons associated with having your own graphic design business?

They are tough to judge. Just like with most things in life there are always good and bad. I feel a great sense of accomplishment at times, even though my company is not where it could be. But the fact that I am in charge of overseeing the welfare of PSgraphicsDC is an incredible feeling. As corny as it may seem it is really cool that its all on me to determine whether PSgraphicsDC will become as big as the biggest company or if it will die out within the first 5 years of conception like most companies. It is a great sense of responsibility that I am proud to have. The main thing that sucks is that there are no specific hours that I work. I am on the job 24/7. When you sleep as a start-up business owner, you are losing money. I always have a miniature P. Diddy sitting on my shoulder looking at me in disgust when I am about to fall asleep. I think that, and the fact that your customers are actually your boss are the two hardest aspects of being self employed. Aside from those two things everything is cool. Clients can be assholes at time, but so can your best friend. You just have to learn how to handle each situation professionally and insure that, that person is still willing to do busineess with you, just as you would insure that your best friend remains your best friend.

Where do you see PSGraphicsDC going in the next few years?

I am going to being hiring other designers and marketing professionals in the near future. I want PSgraphicsDC to grow to new heights. There’s only so much I can do alone. I want to do somethings with fashion, and I am planning on doing something big that will bring together the nightlife in Washington, DC like never before. It is a big project that I am going to begin in the near future. Right now its on the hush because people out here will steal your ideas in a heart beat.

What kind of services does your company provide and for who?

We design any and everything. I’ve done everything from vehicle wraps, to porto-potty designs, storage containers, and actual clothing stores. My most frequent services are flyer and logo designs. As well, I often design brochures, menus, and the occasional website. I do not discriminate on my clientele. However because my original handful of clients were into the Urban party scene I’ve found that a lot of my customers are a part of that same crowd. I don’t mind it because I feel as though Urban design is more challenging and more exciting then corporate design

What is the creative process like? How do you decide which elements you will incorporate into the design and which elements you will focus on?

It really depends on what the client wants. Since I am not focusing on becoming a graphic artist and rather a graphic designer, I have to work closely with clients to give them something THEY want. Often times my ideas aren’t the final ones. I just possess a lot of technical know how when it comes to typography a.k.a. font usage, and color usage, along with knowledge of design programs, and best practices necessary to develop a function graphic design that’s form follows it’s function. Its pretty much like this, the clients tell me what they want done, and give me information on the 5 W’ know the “who, what, when, etc.” and I work closely with them to make sure that I spit out something they actually like, and that we both feel will serve its function.

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