MIXTAPE: iLL Vibes Presents: 143s & Heartaches

. Nov 17, 2008

Alright so I been listening to the leaks from Kanye's CD "808 and Heartbreaks" a lot and I'm definitely feeling the tracks "Heartless", "Coldest Winter", "Streetlights", "Robocop", and yeah pretty much everything I heard. So with a little bit of depression mixed in with inspiration from those tracks I decided hey let me put a play on words and come out with a mixtape themed with the trials and tribulations of l-o-v-e....mission completed. My intention was to have it be a 80 minute joint you can straight put on cd...mission failed. I got too many tracks so the hell with it, more music for you! Throw it on the ipod. I love these songs and I hope you will too. Got some really deep ones on here....

Drop a comment yall....come on the music is free lol


"iLL Vibes Presents: 143s & Heartaches"


1. Wale - I Love Your Girl Freestyle
2. Mickey Factz - You Remind Me feat. Jesse Boykins III
3. Fresh Daily - HBO (Heart Barely Open) feat. Jesse Boykins III
4. Drake - Sooner Than Later
5. Theophilus London - Blindfolded (Produced By Jimmy Edgar)
6. Mickey Factz - You Remind Me feat. Jesse Boykins III
7. Johnson & Jonson - Baby Don't Leave Me Know
8. Nando McFlyy - Acoustic feat. Wale
9. Charles Hamilton - The Honeymoon is Over
10. Mickey Factz - Let You Go
11. Wale - The Manipulation
12. Jesse Boykins III - Sobriety
13. 88 Keys - Cuddle Bums feat. Tanya Morgan
14. XV- Next Week
15. Theophilus London - Departure feat. Jesse Boykins III
16. Jay-z & Coldplay - Miss Trouble (Produced by Judah)
17. Drake - Brand New
18. Marky - You and Me feat Gwen Stefani (Produced by Fastrax)
19. Mickey Factz - There's Nothing Left
20. 88 Keys - True Feelings
21. Wale - Warwick Avenue feat Duffy
22. Charles Hamilton - Conversations with God
23. Kid Cudi - Whenever
24. Wale - The Grown Up
25. Charles Hamilton - The Pre Pre-nup
26. FKi - The Only One


This pic is too funny....love is a crazy thing.

Peace & iLL Vibes