iLLVibes Presents...A Night at The Go-Go

. Aug 6, 2008

I decided to put together a mixtape of my favorite go-go cuts. I found out that a lot of people, even people from the DMV, are not really familiar with the go-go sound. In no way am I a guru or an expert on go-go music, but I have been listening to it for the past five years or so and have really come to love it. Go-go originated in DC in the late 1970's and has primarily remained localized in the DC area. As a result of this, people living outside of DC often report a certain degree of difficulty in their quest to learn more about go-go and to listen to the music. Because of this, I compiled a playlist of tracks that I believe really epitomize the go-go sound in order to help spread go-go to those unaware of its presence in DC culture and to those who are curious and desire to learn more. I hope you enjoy this compilation, and feel free to leave comments. Peace!

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