Mixtape: Viva La Hova

. Oct 29, 2008

On the real, if you don't have this, which you probably do, you're def missing out!!!


Viva La Hova (Mixtape)

For more info, visit Viva La Hova.

Video: Obama v. McCain Danceoff

. Oct 28, 2008

Rocksteady fools....

Let's vote for Obama on Nov. 4th

I already voted last Saturday with that absentee vote...holla

Get your ballot game up

MP3: Wale feat. Duffy - Warwick Avenue Remix


Another dope track by DMV's finest with Duffy, an amazing EU singer.

Classic Video: Young Gunz "No Better Love"


Although this video dropped in 2004 and breaks convention with some of the other "Classic Videos" posted, I used to love this song. This song/video dropped when I was a senior in high school; a time when Roc-a-fella records was on top of its game. They had the Young Gunz, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Just Blaze, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, and the list continues. Check out the video below:

Although the Young Gunz album, "Tough Luv" was a mediocre release, the production on the album was CRAZY. Don't believe me, check out "Problemz", "Parade", "Grown Man", "Can't Stop, Won't Stop Remix" (I don't know why they put the crappy remix on there), "$$$ Girlz" and "No Better Love". The production on this album was a collaboration between Just Blaze, Scott Storch, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, and the Diplomats. All of these producers were putting out some of their best work during this time. After listening to the album yesterday, I hopped online and came across this samples set put together by the good people at Kevin Nottingham.

  1. “(Do it, Do it) No One Does It Better” by The Spinners
    • Sampled in “Furture of the Roc”
    • Produced by Bink! and Spunk Digga
  2. “Better Love” by Luther Vandross
    • Sampled in “No Better Love”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton and Ryan Press
  3. “Peter Piper” by Run-DMC
    • Interpolated in “Friday Night”
    • Produced by Just Blaze
  4. “Flash To The Beat” by Grandmaster Flash
    • Interpolated in “Friday Night”
    • Produced by Just Blaze
  5. “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates
    • Sampled in “$$$ Girlz”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton
  6. “Pain” by 2Pac
    • Sampled in “Never Take Me Alive”
    • Produced by Scott Storch
  7. “Maybe This Will Be The Morning” by Genie Brown *
    • Interpolated in “Tough Luv”
    • Produced by Just Blaze
  8. “Don’t Stop Loving Me Now” by L.T.D.
    • Sampled in “Grown Man”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton
  9. “Christmas Camel” by Procol Harum
    • Sampled in “Look In Your Eyes”
    • Produced by Ruggedness
  10. “I Need You” by The Temptations
    • Sampled in “Parade”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton and Ryan Pres
  11. “All I Need Is Time” by First Choice
    • Sampled in “Time”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton and Ryan Press
  12. “(They Long) To Be Close To You” by Isaac Hayes
    • Sampled in “Life We Chose”
    • Produced by Chad Hamilton, Shane Boog, and Ryan Press
  13. “Gyrlz, They Love Me” by Heavy D & The Boyz
    • Interpolated in “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (Remix)
    • Produced by Darrell “Digga” Branch
  14. “Superappin” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5
    • Interpolated in “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (Remix)
    • Produced by Darrell “Digga” Branch

* unavailable in compilation


Funny Halloween Costumes...


With Halloween right around the corner, a lot of people are working hard to put together that perfect costume combination for those Halloween parties. Here are a couple Halloween costumes that I came across on the net and thought were pretty damn funny...hahaha

Design: JAL Sky Shell Seat


This is yet another reason why I want to move to Japan. Japanese airlines are now featuring these ultra comfortable shell seats. "All seats have JAL´s high-tech Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system. Every seat comes with a 9-inch video screen, standard footrest, a leg-support, a power outlet for your gizmos, and a cocktail tray for placing drinks in the center console between the seats. All these features make sure the passengers using the JAL Sky Shell Seat are experiencing the ultimate in relaxation."

Spotted at: Born Rich

Mixtape: Charles Hamilton "The L Word"


Once again Charles Hamilton comes through with another dope mixtape. The feel of this mixtape is really chill and he speaks on the subject of "Love". Two notable samples on this tape include Kevin Wonder's "No Letting Go" and The Outfield's "Your Love".


And just because I like The Outfield's "Your Love":

Swiped from: Nah Right

Commercial: Guitar Hero

. Oct 27, 2008

Peep this hilarious commercial with Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk.

Spotted on Kanye's blog.

Video: Joell Ortiz Freestyle on DJ Enuff Radio

. Oct 26, 2008

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Mims freestyles in the beginning. I skipped right past that to 2:06 where Joell Ortiz hops on the track. Joell Ortiz definitely went hard on this track bringing back that old feeling I used to get when watching freestyles. I am tired of cats talking about how they are freestylin', yet they are spittin' written lines. I mean c'mon if you got your crew with you reciting half the lines, that AIN'T freestyling. Anyway, I have been feelin' Joell for a minute now and in my opinion he is one of the sickest and most underrated lyricists in the game.

For some reason, Joell Ortiz always reminds me of "Turtle" from Entourage...

Mixtape: "The 10 Freshmen - Hip Hop's Class of '09 Attacks"


I can't say that I agree with ALL the artists XXL selected (c'mon where is XV and Black Milk?) nor the title they assigned to them, but I do agree that these cats are bringing some heat. Check out this mixtape that was put together in honor of this edition of XXL and features a variety of tracks from these "10 Freshmen".

1. Ace hood & currensy- addiction
2. Wale- 5 minutes
3. B.o.b.- hip hop aint dead (the future)
4. Mickey factz- xxl freestyle
5. Currensy- drug flow
6. Cory gunz- all about mine
7. Asher roth- roth boys
8. Ace hood- xxl freestyle
9. Kid cudi- day n nite
10. Blu- half a knot
11. Charles hamilton- starchasers
12. Currensy- xxl freestyle
13. Mickey factz- the inspiration
14. Ace hood- bust your windows freestyle
15. Wale- ridin in that black joint
16. Blu- xxl freestyle
17. B.o.b.- lonley people
18. Currensy- upper deck
19. Cory gunz- bouncin
20. Charles hamilton- xxl freestyle
21. Asher roth- throw da water on em freestyle
22. Kid cudi- cudi get
23. Blu- the only way
24. Wale- xxl freestyle
25. Charles hamilton- pure imagination
26. Mickey factz & cory gunz-swagga like us
27. Ace hood- green light freestyle
28. Asher roth- xxl freestyle
29. Wale- boyz freestyle
30. B.o.b.- on top of the world
31. Currensy- inevitable
32. Cory gunz- xxl freestyle
33. Asher roth- i love college
34. Kid cudi- down and out
35. Blu- mama told me
36. B.o.b- xxl freestyle
37. Charles hamilton- windows media player
38. Kid cudi- xxl freestyle
39. Ace hood- crazy world freestyle
40. Mickey factz, currensy, & cory gunz- incredible


Swiped from: GERS - RRT

"The Further Adventures of Von Pea"

. Oct 25, 2008

As if there was not enough good music dropping this fall, Tanya Morgan fans can expect a new mixtape from Von Pea entitled "The Further Adventures of Von Pea" which drops on November 11th (6 days after "The Renaissance" album drops...haha). Tanya Morgan is the truth and I am definitely excited about new music coming out of their camp. If you have not copped "The Bridge EP", please click here and support this amazing group. For those of you who might have missed the Tanya Morgan mixtape that dropped in March, "Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group", check it out below. This mixtape was like a greatest hits album featuring a few previously unreleased tracks.

1. Dirt Weed (Intro)
2. Waiting For You (produced by suburb)
3. You Should Know feat. Naledge of Kidz In The Hall
4. Shake It Off feat Kam Moye & Torae (produced by brizzo)
5. Got Fans (produced by Eric Lau)
6. So Sweet
7. Walk My Way (produced by aeon)
8. Killa Tape Interlude
9. Stay Tuned
10. She Moved Outta Cincy (08 Mix)
11. Four Men feat. Kay (produced by Dj Cozmos & King Midas)
12. Golden feat. Elucid
13. Hello Brooklyn feat. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne (Von Pea Remix)
14. Go To Get It feat. Median
15. Che Tanya (produced by cj)
16. Brazilian Wax
17. Bathtub (Interlude)
18. Come Here Shawty feat. Ink Floyd (produced by h/r)
19. Kim & Cookie Interlude
20. Take The W (produced by 88 keys)
21. Bout To Be Some (produced by khrysis)
22. You May Die Now Interlude
23. Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group
24. And You Say feat. Che Grand


Classic Movie: Michael Jackson "Moonwalker"


When I was younger I used to watch "Moonwalker" all the time. I watched it so much that no amount of tracking adjustment would make the movie clear. I remember trying to emulate all Michael Jackson's dance moves, especially the scene when he and the "claymation" rabbit had a dance off in the street. Even though MJ has been involved in a lot of "shady business" in recent years, "Moonwalker" still remains to be one of my favorite movies. I stumbled across the video on the net the other day and I decided to share. Watch it here. Enjoy!

PS. Please tell me someone remembers the "Moonwalker" game Sega put out in 1990. I played that game all the time. Its kinda ironic that in the game you saved little kids from this guy named Mr. Big. I guess the signs were right in front of our face all along...hahaha

Interview: The Real Frequency x Q-Tip

. Oct 24, 2008

Q-Tip chops it up with The Real Frequency about some classic Tribe songs and his new album. The Renaissance countdown continues...

Design: Museum of Modern Arab Art


I am really diggin' this design; it blends very well with the landscape. The museum was designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects and is expected to be completed in 2011. For the full scoop click here.

Video:Theophilus London (Feat. Jesse Boykins III) "Higher"


If you missed our interview with Theophilus London, go here. Seriously, you know where you heard it first!!! We still bump that Jam mixtape to this day!!

Video: Nostylegia - Episode 2


So Nostylegia is two episodes deep now, and I am really enjoying them thus far. If you are just tuning in for the first time, check out the first episode and introduction here. In episode 2, Antonio Starr digs deep in his crates, literally, to hit us with some more dope videos. He also announced that in November he will be doing a live show where he will take instant video requests and chop it up a bit with people. Definitely keep it locked because you don't want to miss all this "goodness".

Video: The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper ft. Muhsinah


Remixes: Wale Songs (Konrad Remix)



Wale - You Know From the You Know (Old Money)


1. Wale - “Ice Cream Girl” (Konrad Remix)
2. Wale - “Good Girls” (Konrad Remix)
3. Skyzoo feat. Wale - “Lyrically Inclined” (Konrad Gullybuck Remix)

Swiped from Attorney Street.

Mixtape: IllRoots/Okay Player/The Apple Juice Kid - "Miles Remixed"

. Oct 23, 2008

I am a big Miles Davis fan (I know, it seems like I am a fan of everyone, but I love good music) so when I saw this mixtape I immediately had to download it. I ran into it while scanning both KnowXOne and WhatEyeThought. My initial impression after listening to the first 5 songs = Dope. Great listening music! Shouts out to Eighty'sBaby for stopping through and posting a dl link in the shoutbox. Check it out!

Interview: [RTD X FH] Black ELement (Part 1)


For those of you who have not yet downloaded Black ELement's, A Major Minority album, STOP SLEEPIN'. This LP is a problem and definitely deserves some attention. If you are skeptical, I posted two of my favorites tracks, Quiet Nights ft. Jelani and Roadtrip, on the playlist, give them a few spins and I gaurantee that they will have you yearning for more. If you want my take on this dude Black ELement, check out the original post. Yesterday, in addition to dropping Black ELement's album, Rock The Dub also showcased an exclusive interview with the major minority himself. I found it to be very infomative and insightful. Check it out by clicking the screencap below.

MP3: Wale - Ice Cream Girl (Konrad remix)

. Oct 22, 2008


Wale - Ice Cream Girl (Konrad remix)

Swiped from 2dopeboyz.com.

MP3: Duo Live ft. Billz, Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda & M.O.P. "Shootin"


Although I am not a big fan of gun play, I am a huge fan of Duo Live, M.O.P., and Joell Ortiz. The beat on this joint is CRAZY. I definitely mess with this track...

LP: Black ELement "A Major Minority"


I listened to this joint yesterday and all I can say is DAMN. This LP was definitely a break from the norm and it was very refreshing. The beats were sick and dude's flow was on point. I can definitely tell Black ELement put a lot of himself into this album. Honestly, albums like this are the reason that I defend hip hop from naysayers who criticize its content and livelihood because I know what it can and should be- good music with a message/story. Check out the album below and be sure to check out his myspace for more information.

B's Favorites:
"Road Trip"
"Quiet Nights"
"The Burbs"
"All I <3">

DownloadShouts to Rock The Dub for putting me on to this

Video: Q-Tip Interview With Angie Martinez


Check out this Q-tip interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez. In the interview, the abstract talks about his new album (The Renaissance - Nov 4.), The ATCQ documentary directed by NaS, and the DJing he does at parties. Be sure to check out his website for more media and information about upcoming projects.

While on the subject of the abstract, here is a throwback:

Janet Jackson ft. Q-tip "Got Til' It's Gone" (1997)

Mickey Factz Freestyle


In preparation for the Best of Both Offices tour. Just peep our dude:

Who would've thought zshare got me a beach chair?!?!

If you missed our interview of Mickey Factz, peep it here.

EP: X.O. - Us vs. Them


You gotta show X.O. some love!! This is definitely iLLVibes recommended, so check it out:


X.O. - Us vs. Them (EP)

Much love to modi for sending this joint right over! Good looks!

MP3: S-Preme "Hold It Down"

. Oct 21, 2008

Dope new track from the Chicago rapper S-Preme. Shouts out to Gowhere Hip Hop for the hookup.

Kenny Burns: Greetings From DC


Greetings from Washington DC...Hosted by Kenny Burns from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

MUSIC VIDEO: Musiq Soulchild feat. Mary J. Blige - If U Leave


Now this is the Musiq Soulchild I know...that first "Radio" single was ass. This song is soooooo soulful.

Ryan Leslie......I Can't Wait for that Album


This is what music is all about....

MP3: Mekka Don "Dear Obama"


Mekka Don blessed us with his inspirational remix of Tupac's "Dear Mama" Check it out below:

Politics: Anti-Americanism?!?!?!?


This election has divided our country in many ways over the past year and I see the "Anti-American" claim as yet another example. Michelle Bachmann (Republican from Minnesota) spoke on Hardball last week and made disturbing comments about the presence of Anti-Americans in Congress. My jaw literally dropped as I watched her go on a rant about this. The notion of "Anti-Americanism" amongst American citizens, especially during unstable times, echoes the rhetoric of the 50's when the Communist/Anti-Communist debate was in full swing. It is a divisive mechanism and results in massive hysteria causing people to think and act irrationally towards others. This idea of the "other" and the "Anti-American" has been played up in recent weeks by the McCain campaign in their talks about Obama, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Rezko, etc. and I think it is pretty sad that this discussion has gotten so much airtime in the news and has swayed some American voters. I will be pretty happy when the election is over so that we can stop all the sideshows and deal with the problems facing our country today. What do you think? Check out the clip below:

Design: "Airborne Hotel"


Dope design by a group of Mexican engineers for a spacious double-decker jet. I am totally blown away by the seats as most airline seats, even first class, are fairly uncomfortable. These seats resemble La-Z-Boys and I can only imagine how comfortable they really are. The leg room and corridor space is also crucial making it much easier to sleep as you can avoid stewardesses and other passengers bumping into you as they walk down the aisle.

Click below for the full scoop
I know this is pretty random, but this post made me think of the movie "Stewardess School". I don't remember where I peeped this movie; I might have checked it out while flipping through the channels, but it def. gave me a few laughs.

News: Marijuana for Mickey D's


People never cease to amaze me. This dude must have had a serious case of the "munchies" if he thought this s**t was going to work. He was definitely not the brightest of the bunch. Via MSNBC:

VERO BEACH, Fla. - A McDonald's cashier called 911 after a Vero Beach drive-thru customer allegedly offered to pay for his meal with marijuana. The Indian River County Sheriff's Office said the cashier called Monday with a description of the vehicle the suspect had been riding in.

A deputy spotted the vehicle, found marijuana in the car and arrested its occupant, 27-year-old Shawn Alexander Pannullo.

Pannullo was charged with possession of cannabis and posted $500 bail. It was unclear if he had an attorney.

A sheriff's report did not say what the suspect ordered at McDonald's or if he ultimately purchased the meal using something other than marijuana.

MP3: Jaguar Skillz X Trevor Nelson "African Vacation Mix"


Check out this dope mix by DJ Jaguar Skills which aired on BBC's "Trevor Nelson Show". I am still scratching my head about the connection they made between black history month (October in the UK), precolonial Africa (tribal), and this mix, but nevertheless it is still a refreshing 20 minutes of music. I definitely loved the interlude in the middle (5:30) where they addressed the issue of artists using the auto-tune sound: "The robot thingy makes tone deaf rappers sound tonederful". It reminded me of the interludes on Ludacris's "Word of Mouf" album. Dopeness follows...

Classic Video: MC Serch "Back To The Grill Again"

. Oct 20, 2008

Dope video. The reason this is one of my favorites is because it was one of the first video appearances by Nas (1:47). Let it marinate...

Video: Nostylegia - Episode 1: Ladies First (Part 1)


When I heard about this project, I got really excited. 1X4yourmind.com is definitely one of those sites that I visit on the regular due to its old school hip hop flavor and its uniqueness. For those of you who are unaware, 1x4yourmind is a site run by Antonio Starr, an old school hip hop head who has vowed to break the conventional format of the "hip hop blog" and has blessed us with classic videos such as the Illmatic and 36 Chambers EPK. His new project Nostylegia, which spawns from his desire to educate people on the golden age of hip hop, is a weekly video show similar to the late Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City (The Early Years). This is what Antonio Starr had to say about the show:
"The show will be a throwback concept of the classic Yo! And Rap City episodes from the late 80's into the mid 90's. I will be going on location to different spots to shoot shows with some of the pioneers of Hip Hop as well as Dj's and Producers who helped solidify rap music back then. You will also get that R&B videos like Mona Lisa, Total, Horace Grant and so forth. Trust me the show is going to be dope"
We definitely cosign on that, as the first episode was dope. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Nostylegia. The show premieres every Thursday @ 2pm and iLLVibes will be posting the updates, so keep it locked. Without further ado, we present the first episode of Nostylegia:

Performance: Jigga x DJ AM at the Hollywood Palladium


So we here are going to see one of the greatest to do it on a mic, Jay-Z, and the renowned King of the South, TI, this weekend, and we're definitely excited to see what's in store. I'm gonna have to run through my Jay-Z discography throughout this week to prepare for this occasion, and of course I've been bumpin' that new TI non-stop. Go cop it if you haven't! I caught this video last night: it's a performance that included Jay-Z running through some of the favs, along with DJ-AM, his first gig since that unfortunate plane crash. Check it out:

Mixtape: Fool's Gold Remixed

. Oct 19, 2008


Fool's Gold Remixed


1. Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)
2. Nacho Lovers - Acid Life (Surkin Remix)
3. Trackademicks - Enjoy What You Do (Shadow Dancer Remix)
4. Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
5. Nacho Lovers - Go On (Blu Jemz Remix)
6. Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (JOTS Remix)
7. Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)

Video: Keane - Spiralling


So I never really was into Keane, a British rock band who've been around for over a decade and came out with their first album in 2004, only because I felt their music was too existential to me - often bleeding with interesting themes and concepts. However, they are very well-respected in the UK and have had three #1 albums in the UK, including their album Perfect Symmetry, which recently came out. After seeing their video for their single Spiralling, I decided to take a listen to this latest release and was heavily surprised by the change in music. As before and much like many UK rock groups (read: Coldplay), they incorporate the piano to contrast the many other elements in their music (especially the use of the electric guitar and synthesizers), and their lyrics are a breath of fresh air. If you're into progressive music and lending your ears to different types of music, then you should definitely check out this group and take a listen to it. I'm sure that, like me, you will be very surprised and satisfied!


Video: Wale - Nike Boots (Video Shoot)

. Oct 18, 2008

We definitely gotta show our dude some love!! DMV stand up!!

MUSIC VIDEO: Theophilus London - TNT


I am highly anticipating this dude's next mixtape and LP. The dude is on his own stuff and his own sound with his own mindset. Machine Drum is an amazin producer and a good friend for London to have. I'm definitely feeling this damn song and video, lol some experimental ish and i love it. Check it out and drop love.

40 Days and 40 Nights: XV - "Silver Surfer" & "Galactus - The Planet Eater"


Damn man, I been slacking on my game.....but I GOT to still give pr0ps and shoutouts to my dude XV, who is still going strong with 40 days and 40 nights series. I'm telling you, these tracks have gotten ridiculous and they just keep getting better and better. If you gotta catch up check out Vizzy's blog at www.thecoolniverse.com Anyways, as you have heard before XV and iLL Vibes are set to put out a Comic Book Mixtape and here are two amazing tracks that will be featured. Check out the shout out on Silver Surfer to yours truly. iLL Vibes keep the tracks coming


Please leave some feedback and drop love...

Video: Day in the Life of Marky

. Oct 16, 2008

Gotta show our boy some love:

If you missed our interview of Marky, click here.

Mixtape: Green Lantern - Yes We Can



Green Lantern - Yes We Can (Mixtape)


1. Intro
2. David Banner,Busta Rhymes,Talib Kweli “Black President” Rmx pt1 *
3. Barack Obama “Stand Up”*
4. Nas Speaks on Politics
5. Styles P and Cassidy “Make It Out”*
6. Jay-z Speaks “The American Dream”
7. Barack Obama “One Mic, One People”
8. Russell Simmons Speaks on Obama
9. Joe Budden,Twista,John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change 2008″
10. Angie Martinez “Yes We Need A Mixtape!!”
11. Kanye West,Malik Yusef “Promised land
12. Wale,Rhymefest,Christina K, Royce 5′9 “Black President” RMX Pt2*
13. Barack Obama “My Life”*
14. Jay-z “Lick a Shot”*
15. Russell Simmons on Change
16. Wyclef “Obama for President”
17. Charles Hamilton “The Moment”
18. Find ur Dreams (interlude) *
19. George Bush’s Highlight Reel
20. Mikkey Halsted “King George” *
21. Obama on Hip-Hop
22. Joel Ortiz feat Dante Hawkins “Letter To Obama” *
23. Akon , U.M. “Aint No Sunshine” *
24. Qadir, Dwayne (Invasion) “Its My Time
25. Johnny Polygon (Invasion),Amanda Diva “Colorblind” *
26. Mavado “We Need Barack” *
27. Jay-Z / Gabe Real “What We Need” (Speech)
28. Qadir “Yes We Can” Outro