Video: Keane - Spiralling

. Oct 19, 2008

So I never really was into Keane, a British rock band who've been around for over a decade and came out with their first album in 2004, only because I felt their music was too existential to me - often bleeding with interesting themes and concepts. However, they are very well-respected in the UK and have had three #1 albums in the UK, including their album Perfect Symmetry, which recently came out. After seeing their video for their single Spiralling, I decided to take a listen to this latest release and was heavily surprised by the change in music. As before and much like many UK rock groups (read: Coldplay), they incorporate the piano to contrast the many other elements in their music (especially the use of the electric guitar and synthesizers), and their lyrics are a breath of fresh air. If you're into progressive music and lending your ears to different types of music, then you should definitely check out this group and take a listen to it. I'm sure that, like me, you will be very surprised and satisfied!