Mixtape: Aristotle's Lyceum - Act I: Meet His Students

. Apr 29, 2009


Aristotle's Lyceum - Act I: Meet His Students (Mixtape)

Aight, I can't lie; the only reason why I first downloaded this mixtape was because I was a student of the Classics in college, and the name immediately drew to me. For those who do not know, the Lyceum was a gymnasium - more so a school, not a gymnasium in the sense of its modern connotation - most famous for its connection with Aristotle, who is considered one of the most famous of Greek philosophers and who has influenced me a lot, in particular.

I didn't think I would post this mixtape only because I thought this mixtape was going to be full of nerdy wordplay and horrible rhythmic samples. But my initial assumption was incredibly wrong: after listening to this mixtape, I'm excited to share this project with you all. This group is a hip hop group from Canada, and after seeing their project posted on WDIR, I knew this group was official.