Politics: Anti-Americanism?!?!?!?

. Oct 21, 2008

This election has divided our country in many ways over the past year and I see the "Anti-American" claim as yet another example. Michelle Bachmann (Republican from Minnesota) spoke on Hardball last week and made disturbing comments about the presence of Anti-Americans in Congress. My jaw literally dropped as I watched her go on a rant about this. The notion of "Anti-Americanism" amongst American citizens, especially during unstable times, echoes the rhetoric of the 50's when the Communist/Anti-Communist debate was in full swing. It is a divisive mechanism and results in massive hysteria causing people to think and act irrationally towards others. This idea of the "other" and the "Anti-American" has been played up in recent weeks by the McCain campaign in their talks about Obama, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, Rezko, etc. and I think it is pretty sad that this discussion has gotten so much airtime in the news and has swayed some American voters. I will be pretty happy when the election is over so that we can stop all the sideshows and deal with the problems facing our country today. What do you think? Check out the clip below: