Classic Movie: Michael Jackson "Moonwalker"

. Oct 25, 2008

When I was younger I used to watch "Moonwalker" all the time. I watched it so much that no amount of tracking adjustment would make the movie clear. I remember trying to emulate all Michael Jackson's dance moves, especially the scene when he and the "claymation" rabbit had a dance off in the street. Even though MJ has been involved in a lot of "shady business" in recent years, "Moonwalker" still remains to be one of my favorite movies. I stumbled across the video on the net the other day and I decided to share. Watch it here. Enjoy!

PS. Please tell me someone remembers the "Moonwalker" game Sega put out in 1990. I played that game all the time. Its kinda ironic that in the game you saved little kids from this guy named Mr. Big. I guess the signs were right in front of our face all along...hahaha