Mixtape: Nando McFly - Continue?

. Nov 16, 2008

When I came across this mixtape I def had to download it. I heard a Nando track before and I liked it. The mixtape is definitely nice, dude has some standout tracks. . The word to best describe this mixtape is "chill" its a good joint to listen to when you are just trying to ride and take it easy, its mad smooth (Listen to "Handlebars" and "Kickflip"). He flipped The Five One track "DC Sleeps" and I got to say its better than the original. Hearing the "8 Mile Road" track was nice too man, I remember listening to the original joint back in high school and shit the track still resonates as Nando gives a personal perspective to the things he's been dealing with. I definitely gotta shoutout the "Acoustic" song with Wale spitting over the Shwayze.

I know alotta people be checkin the blog and don't comment, shit i do that all the time with over blogs but drop a comment for this dude after checking out the tracks. This might be his last mixtape and we gotta support the DMV and tell dude that he gotta keep going for the music man.

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Nando McFly - Continue?