PSA: Sound Cloud Drop Box

. Nov 23, 2008

Sup people? I just wanted to let everyone know that we added a Sound Cloud drop box to the blog, located on the right sidebar beneath our facebook link. Basically it provides a convenient medium for all you artists, producers, fellow bloggers, and music heads to hit us with new music. It's pretty simple. When you are ready to hit us up with something new, click the "send me your tracks" link which will take you to our personal dropbox. Then just upload your track or mixtape and we can easily listen to it, leave feedback, download it, and eventually post it on the blog. We added this option because it is a lot easier for us than sorting through tons of emails and downloading individual tracks/mixtapes before we can listen to them. The easier it is for us to peep your music, the less likely we are to sleep on your music...haha. If you want to hit us with emails, it's definitely cool, but realize it might take us a little longer to sort through things. We appreciate all you followers out there who make iLLVibes what it is today and we encourage y'all to leave feedback to let us know what you like, dislike, or want to see on the blog. Keep it Funky!