MP3: The Tempo Tandrum - "Vol. 66: The Heavy is the Head Tape"

. Nov 27, 2008

Aight, so I have been fallin' a little behind with the Tempo Tandrum updates and I feel bad about it, because Ron puts out some GREAT podcasts from week to week. For the newcomers, the Tempo Tandrum is "a weekly 90 minute soundtrack of Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, Rock and everything in between mixed in real time with virtual turntables". These podcasts are posted in the section on the right sidebar called "iLLVibes Radio".The section is called iLLVibes Radio because in my opinion the content exemplifies what radio broadcasting should be all about. His podcasts contain the eclectic vibe that is a staple of our tastes here at iLLVibes. I am a huge fan of these 90 minute mixes and like a fiend, I have set them to be updated in my iTunes each week. If you are a true fan of GOOD MUSIC, you will love his podcasts and I highly encourage everyone to check them out and his page.