Mixtape: brandUn DeShay - One! for the Money

. Nov 24, 2008

So I've been meaning to post this dude for a minute, and I finally had some free time to go through the inbox to find those hidden gems. This is definitely a project that people should consider hearing; this mixtape is truly a testament that the upcoming artists nowadays are no longer one-dimensional, that is, focusing only on the lyrics. That is not to say that focusing on lyrics alone is insufficient, but at the same time, you can really tell that brandUn put a lot of work on this project holistically - with the lyrics and production. You can't say enough of the production. My favorite songs are "Tag, You're It" (I love everything about this song!!); "Heartbeat Feestyle" (love the sample!!); "Ooo Wee Freestyle" (sick lyrics: "Be real, not pseudo, honesty's the best policy, and honestly there's no one hotter than me"); and "Under My Thumb" (great story). All in all, this is a sick project, and intertwined within his songs are brandUn's remix of Jay-Z songs, a faint indication of brandUn's potential to be a great producer, as well. My only qualm - and perhaps this also showcases his loyalty to his boys - is that there are too many features on this mixtape, so much so that it's difficult to get the entire picture of the man behind the project. Nevertheless, this is definitely a project to get!


brandUn DeShay - One! for the Money (mixtape)

For more information on brandUn, check out his blog or myspace.