Music Video: Skooda Chose, Mikey Rocks, and Twista - Loungin'

. Jul 30, 2009

Who is this dude?!?! From the first couple of seconds of the track, I got goosebumps and I feel like this dude DEFINITELY got something going for him. I love hip hop like this...this is the kind of track that makes you feel cool as shit when you driving to this or just walking into the metro hooked up to your ipod.

Skooda Chose got sucha dope and smooth delivery. I wish I knew more about him...but I dont...but as a dedicated blogger I'm def going to get to researching. Fellow Chi-Town native Mikey Rocks of The Cool Kids blesses the track as well. Blended Babies are the dope production team consisting of Reach and Colin Response that laced the track.

As the grand finale, Twista murks the track with his legendary bullet delivery although he doesn't rap as fast as he does on that Alchemist track "Smile" (that speed is just retarded). Finally, I have to give props to the video, very well done with dope imagery as these cats just walking round their barrio rappin reppin their hood.

"I'm just making money and loungin"