Artist Spotlight: JR Aquino

. Jun 14, 2009

So it's been a minute since we've done an artist spotlight, and before I proceed, let me preface that this particular Artist Spotlight is not going to be as holistic as the others, not necessarily based on the talent of the artist, but only because I've been too incredibly busy to do the research and to write a longer synopsis. Just know that this dude is incredibly talented with the vocals and with the guitar. You may have actually seen him before, as he placed in the top 44 on American Idol at one time.

Currently, he's been displaying his talent through this video channel on YouTube, providing downloadable remixes to songs, as well as original content. Below is just the tip of the iceberg, as I've provided just a few videos and links from to download. However, be sure to check out his channel, subscribe, and view his incredible talent! For more info on JR Aquino, check out his blog.

Houstatlantavegas (Remix)

Mad (Cover)

Forever (Cover)


JR Aquino - Best I Ever Had (cover)

JR Aquino - Blame It (cover)