Theophilus London - Guam Tour

. Jul 2, 2008

For the past couple of weeks I have been providing you guys footage of London in Guam. For those of you who don't know, Theophilus London is wrapping up a tour where he traveled to Guam and did several shows and visits during his stay. In each performance, London put everything on the stage and didn't hold back as you will see with the videos below. What London is doing with his music is truly unique in the hip hop game today as he made this trip not just for his own benefit, but for the people of Guam as he used the power of connectivity of music to lift the souls of people in Guam from schools to jails to entertain and inspire.

(London doing a performance at a local jail in Guam)

Most rappers tend to do humanitarian work and travel once they are established and wealthy as their first priority is to better themselves, which you can't totally blame them for. However, London is unique from the rest as he is in it for more than the superficial and material elements of the music industry.

(Several stops and performances during Theophilus' trip)

He wants everybody to Join A Monumental Movement (JAM!)
The next stop on his mission is Africa.

(An crazy compilation of several of T. London's performances in Guam)

Here is what he had to say about his amazing trip:

"My reason being of going to Guam was for the hip hop X music awareness loss in small countries or islands alike! These are places where guidance and healing thru music don't exist. Kids at the age of 10 years old are high on Meth,
and girls are being raped by their own parents.
For example it was so big I got a legislation note for my excellence written by the Governor Artist don't usually go to these places
They want the bright lights and the superstar bullshit

But I'm the opposite
They treated me like Michael Jackson out there
Not even major artist go there.
The kids cried every time they seen me, it was like they needed a savior.

I was one with nature and their culture
I performed 6 times a day for 7 days
Whether it was in schools, jails, bad group homes, shelters... Etc.

I got trampled by kids to sign autographs and shirts I sold over 600 copies of Jam!
And I connected with each and every individual I spoke to.

It was a beautiful experience and I will continue to share my gift that was given to me from the creator.
In December I will be heading to Africa.

Shouts to the Hip-hop project"

-Theophilus London

I love it man, this what music is all about. The power of music is limitless, it just takes ambition and perseverance. Props to Theophilus London, Machine Drum, and his whole Crew.