The Leak #28: Keep Moving Ft Fresh Daily

. Jul 2, 2008

Damn man, every week Mickey is just dropping some beast songs. I love this joint, it was a latin jazz flavor and his flow is fast and witty with too many wordplays.

Favorite Line:
"Wordplay like a mermaid, I can breath underwater
Speak with the heat of a sauna"

Here is what Mickey had to say about the track:

"Raps in my heart
Feel it beep out of order"

We're on Week 28 and I wanted to speed things up a bit as well smooth it out. Sounds far fetched right? Well imagine a fast tempo jazz record with crazy wordplay. That's what this leak is about. I got my man Fresh Daily on it who will be performing with me
at the Bk HipHop Festival on July 12th. The link is below:

-Mickey Factz

The Leak #28: Keep Moving Ft Fresh Daily


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