The Leak #30: Mickey Factz feat Tanya Morgan - "We Aint" & "Keys of Life" feat. Robin Thicke

. Jul 16, 2008

This week Mickey's brings FIRE for this weeks Leak with TWO TRACKS:

Here's what Factz had to say:

"Still moving forward, never trapped in the present"

For week #30, I wanted to do the 2 for 1 sale. So I jumped in the studio with Tanya Morgan and made some shit! Some real Hip Hop shit. Gotta respect it."
-Mickey Factz

These are my favorite Lines:

"I'm the hottest thing since armpits in August
Even if your armless I wanna see your arms up
The flow'll make a paraplegic stand up, he's just that tough"


Mickey Factz feat. Tanya Morgan - We Aint

I love the vibe of the next track, "Would That Make U Love Me" was one of my fav songs off Thicke's last album. Here is what Mickey had to say about it:

"I had dreams of being a black president"

"The black and white keys on the piano inspired Paul McCaurtney and Stevie Wonder to write about racial equality. I'm doing the same thing but in the eyes of 2 young kids struggling with racism. Deep..."

-Mickey Factz


Mickey Factz feat. Robin Thicke - Keys of Life


Props to This footage is amazing of Mickey Factz & Theophilus London
at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. More footage to come soon!