Asher Roth - Death to a Millie

. Jul 16, 2008

Ok, so Asher Roth's Myspace was buzzin so he decided to do the Millie Thing....
but he did call it "Death to a Millie."
He killed it too...

"Yo the government don't care, here's a big "F*ck You!"
Gas is four bucks, but they still drive trucks/ Dumb and Dumber in your Hummer
Yo I bet that sucks/ Spend "A Mille" at the pump in the city, You don't need that
Buy a f*cking bike maybe you wouldn't be fat...
It's just these stupid motherf*ckers never get it, its pathetic
Yo they get to the pros and don't do shit like they Reddick"

-Asher Roth


Asher Roth - Death to A Millie