"My Position Means Power"...

. Jun 6, 2008

Check out this video from TheShoeGame.com of people waiting in line for the recent release of the Nike SB Lobsters. I think the shoes are cool and all, but come on waiting outside for 2-3 days...that is extra. It sucks for those people who thought it was only going to be a limited release because they are actually supposed to start producing more later this year. As soon as I saw this video though I immediately thought of Wale's song "The Hype" off his new mixtape. Check it out in the playlist on the right if you have not heard it yet. I think my favorite line from the clip though had to be when the guy standing in #1 spot said "my position means power"...hahaha enjoy!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Lobsters, here are some pics. It comes with a removable lobster claw band as pictured. The Lobsters feature in rose and pink colors with double swooshes and splatter on toe and heel.