MP3: Mr. Music ft. LA - Take You to Another World (Club Mix)

. Aug 7, 2009

The family Gowhere sent us this exclusive track from Mr. Music & LA, after a successful release of their debut album, What Do You Do? I've always been impressed by the creativity of this duo; they seem to just mesh well with each other, as if they're capable of producing an album daily. It really does seem like that's how their chemistry is.

As stated by GoWhere Hip Hop, "Take You To Another World" is another step forward in the growth of LA & Mr. Music with both artists continuing to evolve utilizing different sounds and styles. The single is another eclectic, upbeat club/pop record with lyrics that effectively paints the picture of Mr. Music wooing his female interest. Mr. Music stands out with his poignant vocals reaching ranges long-time fans have yet to hear before. The transitions from verse to hook are once again smooth and fluid, especially when LA comes in on the 3rd verse. LA begins his verse with a break-neck flow and illustrates his versatility as he continues when he goes back and forth with Mr. Music shortly after, before concluding on a double meaning with some Lil' Weezy-esque delivery. It's another complete track from beginning to end - relevant verses, a catchy hook, and top-notch production that you can download above and add to your LA & Mr. Music library."


Mr. Music ft. LA - Take You to Another World (Club Mix)

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