MIXTAPE: Greespan - When the Sky Turns Green

. Aug 11, 2009

The mixtape is finally here and I am very satisfied with the results. "When The Sky Turns GREEN" is a collection of music created with imagery of elevation and free will. Each song has been designed carefully to offer listeners an accurate depiction of sovereignty with representations of the soulful-side of hip-hop from the perspective of a Baltimore artist. The content in such songs as "Wings," "Sky Dive," and "Outlaw" each cry out freedom as Greenspan breathes life into his artistry through actualization. It is a very smooth project with soulful cuts like my favorite "Khloe Kardashian" and "You Know My Name." Greenspan is a product of Baltimore and it is evident in his unique delivery and flow .
As far as the production, "When the Sky Turns Green" has a lot to offer. Throughout the project, Judah offers some heavy beats from the mellow introduction "Is Falling", the epic sound of "Sky Dive", to the hard-hitting edge of "Latitude." Another notable stand-out beat is by Kleph Dolla with the jazzy "Khloe Kardashian." If you are a hip-hop head there is definitely something here for you....so what are you waiting for?