Classic Video: Trends of Culture “Valley of the Skinz”

. Aug 16, 2009

This Harlem-based trio was “all the way live”. To this day, I can still listen to their self-titled album, “Trendz”, start to finish, without any real complaints. I don’t mean to rant (which probably means that I’m going to), but hip-hop albums used to be on a whole different plane “back in the day”. There was no prescribed formula for how the album was to be organized. Of course certain rhyme styles and patterns were employed, but in terms of subject matter, they were all over the map. One of my favorite songs from this album, aside from “Valley of the Skinz”, was “Off & On”. The beat was very ninetiesque featuring heavy kickdrums and a classic “Scenario” sample. Where are they now?

Video Information:
Artist: Trends of Culture (Nastee, M.O.L. and Grapevine)
Album: Trendz
Year: 1993