PSA: Wale - Pretty Girls feat. Gucci Mane

. Jul 28, 2009

If this was an official decision by the Wale camp to put Gucci Mane on "Pretty Girls" I must rant. That decision was just plain silly. This was my favorite track of the moment and I've been banging it everywhere; from the crib to the ride to the club and to the after party! The song is just plain dope and more importantly it has the sound of DC. Gucci Mane totally messed that up. I'm not hating, I heard the song and his verse was sub-par.

I'm not a fan of Gucci but I admit that his hit "Ay" got things moving in the club and people liked it. I respect that...but the strategy behind putting him on "Pretty Girls" does not make sense. I know that it has been a struggle for Wale to get more radio plays after the Drake craze, but why compromise the integrity of the song? I mean what happened to the "artistic integrity"? This guy could have put several other people on it to get the same effect! Try getting Drake, Asher, Kid Cudi...damn even Jeremih since he got a big buzz off "Birthday Sex." You want a hit for the club, throw on Pitbull or T-Pain. There were several other ways he could have gone with this one...but Gucci Mane?

I remember back when the first cut of "Chillin" came out. I loved it! The original was dope but they chose to throw Lady Gaga on it. Although some people were opposed to that decision, I understood that move because it made sense. After "Arab Money" dropped and made a craze the beats were very similar so Cool and Dre adjusted the beat a little bit and threw on Lady Gaga which was and still is a huge act. She added a little more of a pop/commercial feel to the song and it worked beautifully. Props to Weisman on that one.

Anyways, I'm just providing my opinon. Wale did "Back to the Feature" and if he wanted to work with Gucci Mane throw him on there, but don't do it for your debut album. I"m stilll a big Wale fan, I just hope that his upcoming album does not contain more features similar to the likes of Gucci Mane. Don't let the debut be a product of conformity and commercialization.

You listen to the ORIGINAL and then the NEW track and be the judge....

Tell me the original isn't better!

On another note, check out Wale's interview with Young Hollywood on the set for his album cover photo shoot: