Artistic Integrity: Giacometti v. Bobby Ray aka B.O.B.

. Jul 27, 2009

Ok, so I'm bringing back my segment "Artistic Integrity." I stopped for awhile, but I got re-inspired for lack of a better word after seeing Mickey Factz's GFCNY blog with their section on artwork with Mickey's poems (WATTUP MICKEY). For those not familiar with it check the last two posts on Nas and Wale. I'm a fan of Art and Music so I'm pretty much fusing the two. I'm going to drop a classic artwork, capture the vibe and compare it to a track.

Damn these people look lonely.....don't they? It was exactly the vibe Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti was going for. His artwork was a social criticism of the late 1940s after World War II. He noticed that after the horrors of the war, society just wasn't the same. The streets seemed empty and the people seemed isolated and looked emaciated searching for different ways to cope with the difficulty of the war. The above sculpture is his artistic interpretation of a popular street corner where he used to live. Everybody is faceless and detached from the world dealing with their own problems.

Similarly, B.O.B. captures the same vibe with "Lonely People", a song that samples the Beatles classic, but he addresses the questionable lifestyle of society specifically regarding alcohol and drug abuse. The visuals of the video are dope as well, because even though you can be in a room surrounded by people you can still be lonely because of your situation.

There is a lot of story telling on this track from visions of children left crying in the alley to girls suffering from depression and pressures of conformity. So vibe to the track and look at the sculptures, and tell me that you don't see a resemblance to what you are listening to.

DOWNLOAD: B.O.B. - Lonely People (NO DJ)

Oh yeah, I def had to show to provide the Beatles classic song as well. Listen to their lyrics as well as it also pertains to the same gloomy view that Giacometti captured. segment will be dedicated to Mickey Factz.