MP3: Quest - Forever feat. Outasight

. Jul 31, 2009

Quest's latest project "Broken Headphones" has gotten crazy love with over 30,000 downloads in the first week! However, due to the rush to get the project out on time it isn't totally mastered and in the best quality it can be so dude is re-releasing the project very soon. This here is the mastered version of an amazing cut with Outasight. Really sincere verses on this song, I just wish I would have heard Outasight rap, but its all good.

Here is what Quest had to say:

""I want to thank everyone for taking the time to listen to my latest project Broken Headphones. However, due to the fact that I was rushing at the end to get the project out on time to the masses, I was not able to deliver Master Quality of the mixtape. Which I apologize for. Being the artist that writes, composes, engineers, and masters his own product, it really does take a tole when you have be responsible for so much at one time. But you all deserve a project at its BEST quality.Here's the song that I promised to you all. "Forever (Feat Outasight) Thank you for your time and patience. And I will be back with a Revised and Remastered "Broken Headphones (Snap Crackle & Pop Free!)"


Quest - Forever feat. Outasight