Instrumental Remix EP: Melo-X - "BLACKsummers’ night"

. Jul 30, 2009

The release of Maxwell's lastest album "Black Summer's Night" has created a huge buzz in the industry. First, because of his comeback because in his prime a couple of years back Maxwell could make the panties drop with the quickness with his falsetto. Second, people are talking about the project because it is a simply beautiful album.

The homie Melo-X def realized this and decided to put his production to the test and remix the album to create an instrumental EP. So, if you are trying to mellow out to some smooth music or if you are an aspiring artists that needs a change with the same old humdrum beats get this project. I definitely recommend the work of Melo-X.


On another note, please check out Melo-X's recent performance at SOBS.
Dude is straight spittin truth: