MP3: Marky - Turnaround

. Mar 23, 2009

"This song represents my "stand-alone" mentality. I almost picture myself walking down a gloomy path with my inner voice telling me to "Turnaround." Then my "vain brain" (google it lol) is trying to tell me why its ok to move on. I almost feel like Pac out on bail!!!! lol"



("Nothing is 43ver"...coming 4.3.09)

The second leak off "Nothing is 43ver" is
"Turnaround" produced by FASTRAX.

Now, everybody has experienced situations in life that make you choose some tough decisions, and go above and beyond. This is the vibe that Marky's rhythmic flow encompasses on this track spitting over amazing vocals The two combine, provide an insightful and soulful track guaranteed to make you start thinking.

Get Ready for

If you didn't listen to the first track yet be sure to catch up
(Delusional - ).