Buzzin like Bees: Follow Up with Brandon Hines

. Mar 21, 2009

Vibe out to Brandon Hines as you read y'all.

The Ultimate Brandon Hines Playlist

I am a big fan of R&B, all of my life I have been bumping soul from the 70s, 80s, 90s, till now. I loved some Marvin, Teddy, Mr. Green, Luther (Lufa), Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, Dru Hill, Donell Jones, Jodeci, Musiq etc. I feel like the last couple of years after Usher's "Confessions" the game has seriously lacked some R&B hits until now. There has been talent, but the industry made the music so predictable and one-dimensional from the song structure to the production. I feel like it is becoming relevant againt with Trey Songz, Ryan Leslie, J Holiday, The Dream, Raheem Devaughn, and it will get even bigger with Brandon Hines.

Check out this ridiculous live version of "Where Did U Go"
off Hine's first LP "Love Music...Fallin' In, Fallin' Out"

J-Biz did a post about Brandon Hines last year talking about how he is on the rise and should definitely get the people's attention. I cosign, and I remember just a couple of months ago I was wondering, "What happened to Brandon Hines." Dude is nice, I was bumping his first cd "Love Music....Fallin' In, Fallin' Out" for the longest about three years ago. Some of the best tracks on there was "What Do I Have to Do", "We Need We", and "Overdoes."


Brandon Hines - Weather

I heard all the tracks he leaked and the I was wondering what people were listening to cause the music I was hearing was nice. For instance, check out "Cuttin U Off" and "Weather" the tracks are smooth and ill. Damn and please check out the track "Find U", simply incredible...this is what R&B should be in the 09.

I remember seeing Brandon Hines in the "American Boy" video and I was like YES! his time is coming...and nothing. Until a couple weeks ago, he submerged or maybe I just started pay attention more to the industry since my friend put my on his twitter. He was in the studio working with non-other than Ryan Leslie. say I was happy is an understatement. R-Les is the man, ever since I heard his track "Used to Be" like 4 years ago I been on Next Selection ever since. So to hear that he teaming up with B Hines, cot damn gonna be some amazing music. Hines has even been working with Mickey Factz, an artist that is DEF respected here in iLL Vibes and who we have interviewed twice.


Brandon Hines - Find U

So damn....Hines is finally getting some buzz and getting some love and the result should be nothing short of amazing. Be on the look out!

And oh yeah....I can't forget...did I mention he is from the DMV!? Stand up!

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