MP3: LA & Mr. Music - Pop Champagne RMX (Ain’t Got Champagne)

. Feb 27, 2009


LA & Mr. Music - Pop Champagne RMX (Ain’t Got Champagne)

From Gowhere Hip Hop:

"LA & Mr. Music are back with another original RMX where they flip the mainstream hit by Ron Browz “Pop Champagne” f/ Jim Jones & Juelz Santana. They further illustrate their creativity, versatility, and chemistry that is required of a successful duo with this playful spoof of “Pop Champagne” where they actually boast about the exact opposite: being broke to the point where they can’t afford champagne. It doesn’t focus solely on champagne though, however, as LA & Mr. Music take a jab at the faltering U.S. economy and make light of the current situation. Mr. Music sings during Ron Browz’s parts and LA does his best Jim Jones & Juelz Santana (literally) and still evoking his own style. Both flow with on point delivery and their original lyrics are included in the iTunes file and are best viewed and understood after refreshing yourself on the original “Pop Champagne” with the video below. It is worth the time to compare/contrast the lyrics and how LA & Mr. Music creatively flipped them for their concept to fully appreciate their version. Given the right mindset, this is a track that you will likely find enjoyable and even hilarious. But also given that some people do not particularly enjoy the original, myself included, it may not appeal to you as much. That being said though, LA & Music’s completely different take on “Pop Champagne” can’t be ignored and it’s another RMX from the duo that I will be listening to for awhile. Enjoy!"