MP3: J.A.M.E.S. WATTS - The Gray Area

. Dec 29, 2008

James hit us up with this gem. Hit up his site and show him some love! This is what he had to say about the concept behind the song: "Still, I would be remiss to have put in all that work and not having something to share with you -- this week, that comes in the form of "The Gray Area", produced by BK-based beatmaker, Golden Child. Definitely something different, this song was inspired by the movie Juno (and its quirky-ass soundtrack). I tried my best to capture the sarcastic humor that sometimes arises out of the male/female relationship. 'Boy, you ain't shit now and you never been.'"


J.A.M.E.S. WATTS - The Gray Area

In addition, he created this commercial to display the process behind creating the song: