MP3: ProVerb ft. Lyriciss "The Rapture"

. Nov 6, 2008 today I officially realized that I have been sleepin' on a few people. For me, that is one of the worst feelings because I love hip hop and I always talk about how much I hate the lack of diversity in the game right now. With that said, I apologize to all those people out there who have been hittin' us up with singles, mixtapes, videos, etc. and have not heard anything back from us. Although this is a poor excuse, we get a ton of emails and messages daily, so it takes us a while to sort through everything. Also, just because I might not get down with certain music doesn't mean that the music is not hot. So honestly, if you are really into your craft and really put out good music, be persistent and keep hitting people up because it will eventually smack them across the face and tell them to wake up, like it did to me today...hahaha

Anyway, one of those people I have been sleepin' on is the DMV's very own Lyriciss. From the moment I strolled over to dude's myspace page and listened to a few tracks, I realized he wasn't a joke and that he was "going in for the gusto". I definitely will be dropping some more Lyriciss, but in the meantime check out "The Rapture". Here is what Lyriciss had to say about the single:

“Howard Homecoming, some of the greatest in the industry come out, and of course, the DMV's most promising up-and-coming MCs also make their way to the festivities. After chilling with a few notable names (Wale, Marky, 9th Wonder, Young Guru,'s Jabari, Mo Betta, & more), I run into the homie Pro'Verb. Some of you remember him from dissing Jay-Z in that whole LeBron-Stevenson thing, but yeah...hip-hop is more than that, people. So we go straight from HU to the studio and spend the night recording. The product? "The Rapture". It's actually 11 AM and we're still in the studio from last night, so yeah...that says where the mindstate is. Attached picture JUST taken, and you can pretty much tell lol. But...we're not rappers. That's our story and we're sticking to it lol.”