A Feature on Yours Truly

. Nov 7, 2008

Usually, it is we who are interviewing rising artists or individuals whom we think should be spotlighted. Now the table has turn, with us being interviewed by another site - this time by PerfSpot. In case you were wondering, Perf Spot is an online community of sorts, almost like Facebook, that has attracted millions of followers and members. Don't believe me? Simply check them out and see what the site has to offer.

Otherwise, be sure to check out their interview of iLLVibes under their Music Outlet section. Go here and scroll a bit to catch up on the interview!!

Here's an excerpt of the interview:
Perfspot: How did you come up with your motto: "Lets peruse the essentials of cool...."?

B.: Our motto, "Let's Peruse The Essentials of Cool", actually came from a line in the Lupe Fiasco song "Gold Watch" off his album, The Cool. We are all pretty big Lupe fans and after hearing Food and Liquor, we anxiously anticipated the release of his second album The Cool. "Gold Watch" was a really dope song in which Lupe described things that were cool to him while also analyzing and somewhat criticizing the things that other people deem as being "cool". The overall message of the song is pretty much summed up in the line "Let's Peruse the Essentials of Cool" in that he is really just saying 'Let's take a look at these essential elements of what people call "cool" and deconstruct them'. This was a very powerful line that resonated with us and we believed that it truly captures the free flowing nature of iLLVibes as we just talk about the things that are "cool" to us.

Dobe: The array of aspects that Lupe's "Gold Watch" touches upon is, in a sense, a clear example of the blog itself. On the track he is talking about the kind of things that he thinks are cool and defines his essence primarily focusing on clothing. iLLVibes is like that for my whole crew except focused primarily on music while touching upon other aspects of our lives like politics, humor, clothing, art, and whatever is dope.

JB-Kang: As Brian mentioned, this was a line from a Lupe song, a song that truly resonates with all four administrators of this blog. We're not necessarily trying to form our own judgments of people; we'd like to think there is a universal standard that's out there that distinguishes between the cool and the uncool - almost Platonic, in fact. For instance, there seems to be a way in which we know what's good and bad, and this is how the universal standard of "cool" works. There are those shades of gray, but even then we can tell in some way what is "cool" and not "cool". What's great about Lupe's song is that he calls us to challenge any definition of cool and to consider all the nuances of what is hip or square: what's square may be hip and what's hip may be square. That, in essence, is the underlying purpose of the blog.