Videos: Chromeo Mix

. Oct 6, 2008

Okay, okay, I know we've probably embedded a lot of these videos on the blog already, but I just went to see Chromeo live on Saturday, and let's just say it was ridiculously amazing!! Mind you, I saw Cut Copy the weekend before, but I must admit that I enjoyed the Chromeo show a little bit better, if only because I felt I could relate more to the lyrics and also because these two cats are incredibly talented with the array of instruments that they're capable of playing. Plus you have to be impressed by their story: a Jewish-Arab duo who seemed like the oddest of friends. One's obtaining his PhD in French Literature at Columbia University, while the other seems as if he knows how to do anything musically, especially with the talk box. So in honor of this highly-talented group, I present to you a montage of their videos, which do not compare to the totality of their discography:


Bonafied Lovin'

Momma's Boy

Needy Girl

Fancy Footwork