VMAs: Lil Wayne feat. Leona Lewis & T Pain - Misunderstood / A Millie / Get Money

. Sep 8, 2008

There is a lot complaina about the VMAs...like Britney winning three awards a getting Music Video of the Year for "Pieces of Me"??!!! Are they CRAAZZZZY!!!??!! It's BS, MTV is so damn political, they want Britney to win, they want her to come back, they want to use her, profit off of her supposed "rise to fame" and then break her down again to profit off that as well. Cynical? Just Watch. Chris Breezy should have won for "Forever", the track has been playing nonstop the last couple of months and its quality music. But f*ck it thats my rant.

MTV let me down at this one (Shakes Head).

I can't wait for this album!!!

The best part of the VMA was hands down Mr. West with his performance of Love Lockdown (can't wait for that ish). Another part of the show that shined was Lil Wayne, I know people are sick off the Wayne epidemic but you gotta give the man some props. He knows how to make records even though he has been questioned for some of his half-a*sed lyrics. Check the audacity of dope of you don't know what I'm talking about lol. Anyways, I was happy to see Wayne big up his homey Drake, who is a sick rapper out of Canada that is catchin some buzz. Wayne actually rapped Drakes verse of his song "Money to Blow" over the "Misunderstood" track. So if a lot of you were wondering where that came from....it was from Drake. I give so much props to Wayne for that cause he is trying to bring out a quality rapper on a big platform (listen to wayne shout out "Drizzy Drake" after the verse when it goes to lewis at 1:36)

Check it out. This is Drake's version.

"Top slipped off like Janet at the Superbowl!!!!"

Money To Blow (Prod. By Drumma Boy) (Snip) - Drake