Cons TV: "Busta, Jungle Brothers, Premo Hits, and All Things In Between"...

. Sep 3, 2008

Check out this video from Cons TV which features Pharrell, Premo, and Consequence chatting it up about Busta Rhymes, The Jungles Brothers, and some of Premo's greatest hits. I was dying when Pharrell was imitating Busta Rhymes and Q-tip. The clip was cool because it was an informal conversation that all hip hop fans can relate to and appreciate. Check it out!

And in case you were wondering what Pharrell was talking about at the end, I believe he was talking about Premo possibly producing Rosco P. Coldchain's next album which would be beyond dope. Hopefully you remember Rosco P. Coldchain who emerged from the Star Trak camp a few years back. In case you have forgotten, here is a reminder:

The Clipse ft. Rosco P Coldchain and AB-Liva"Hot Damn"

For some reason Rosco reminds me a Dave Chapelle especially during that chase scene...haha

Rosco P. Coldchain "Hot"