Rihanna & David Bisball Collabo?!?!

. Aug 14, 2008

Ok, so earlier today I went to go get some chicken over at this Peruvian spot I always go to called "Super Pollo", I'm telling you its banging. Anyways, I was watchin the tv while waitin in line and they had some reggaeton videos and such....then I saw Rihanna. I was like huh!?! Apparently, she did a collablo with David Bisbal, a Spanish Grammy-winning artist, for "Hate That I Love You So." I'm not reallly a Rihanna fan, I just thought it was a tight idea. See what yall think...

Now on the other hand, I think this reggaeton song is pretty nice...gets the ladies dancin lol

Tony Dize feat. Yandel - Permiteme