Man I Miss 2pac....

. Aug 15, 2008

So I was chillin with my homie yesterday and we were jus straight doin a medley of like 25-30 joints by 2pac just back to back thinkin bout all our favorites and it just got too late and we didnt even finish. We got on the track "Old School" and I forgot how many dudes Pac shouted out in that I decided to post the lyrics up for others to see. And put up some other classic pac vids like his freestyle in the NYC streets, the one with big, my fav collabo he had with MC Breed and my fav performance at MTV.

I love the 1st and 3rd verse so I put em blow...
(listen to vid with lyrics)

First Verse

" I remember Mr. Magic, FLASH, Grandmaster Caz
LL raisin hell but, that didn't last
Eric B. & Rakim was, the shit to me
I flip to see a Doug E. Fresh show, with Ricky D
and Red Alert was puttin in work,
with Chuck Chill
Had my homies on the hill gettin ill, when shit was real
Went out to steal, remember Raw, with Daddy Kane
when De La Soul was puttin Potholes in the game
I can't explain how it was, Whodini
had me puffin on that buddha gettin buzzed, cause there I was
Them block parties in the projects, and on my block
You diggi don't stop, sippin on that Private Stock
Through my speaker Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte
Listen to Treach, KRS to get me through the night
With T La Rock and Mantronix, to Stetsasonic
Remember "Push It" was the bomb shit, nuttin like the old school"

Third Verse

Hahah... remember poppin and lockin to Kurtis Blow, the name belts
Scott LaRock the Super Hoe back in Latin Quarters
Slick Rick was spittin La-Di-Da-Di
Gamin the hoochies at the neighborhood block parties, I remem-ber
breakdancin to
Melle Mel
Jekyll and Hyde
, LL when he Rocks the Bells
Forget the TV, about to hit the streets and do graffiti
Be careful don't let the transit cops see me
It ain't nuttin like the old school!"

"What more can I say,
I wouldnt be here today
if the Old School didn't pave the way"

Now these are like 3 of my favorite cuts of footage of straight freestyling
The first joint is Pac jus walkin round the streets of NY, then one with Biggie when they were homies, and the last is the classic one of BIG at 17.

2pac in NYC

R.I.P B.I.G. & Pac

You kiddin me? At 17??

I feel like people don't know this song...and I LOVE IT
2pac killed it when he came in at 1:27

MC Breed feat. 2pac - Gotta Get Mine

Ok and finally I'm closing out my 2pac session
with this classic YO MTV Raps performance of "When My Homie Calls"....

Man I Miss in peace