Kid Cudi Samples

. Aug 11, 2008

Ah man, so I was talking with XV the other night jus about hip hop in general and upcoming acts and we got on the topic of Kid Cudi. Personally I like Kid Cudi, but after talking with XVI realized I gave him too much credit on his sound. Some of my favorite tracks on the album were just bit off other joints. The one that came as the most surprise was Maui Wowie, cause I loved the feel of that track, but Cudi really just took another song and changed the words. I gotta give props to GRIND MODE, for a good beat and feel. Check out the video below....

Yes...the girl in purple is meaaaan

Cudi's Joint

Man on the moon, the beat is just epic and I thought Plain Pat was behind it...wrong again!!! Props to NOSAJ THING on "Aquarium" !

Cudi's version (dope song) - "Man on the Moon"

Don't get me wrong, I still like Cudi, I'm not going to be as quick to give him as much props as I did before. I mean... i loved Day N Nite for a minute and couldnt get it out of my head but the original pretty much sounds like Mim's "This is Why I'm Hot" but just switched around. However, i still mess with that Crookers Remix. I'm not dissing Cudi either cause a big part of hip hop has become sampling, but the mixtape game changed things to the point where you can sample a WHOLE SONG, and not necessarily loop anymore. It's just something to think about, let me know what yall think.