B.O.B. - Cloud 9

. Aug 28, 2008

B.O.B. is still under the radar and I think he can eventually make moves. He got talent as he produces his own music. Cloud 9 is a nice track, but he got a lot of his buzz from the "Haterz Everywhere" track from a couple months ago. I don't know how i felt about his lyrics on Haterz, but the track is OFFICIAL. B.O.B. is improving though because I heard a lot of his new material at Rock the Bells, and it's pretty nice sounding like a mix of T.I. / early Outkast. Cloud 9 is def a chill track to listen to.

"Haterz Everywhere"

iLL Vibes x B.O.B. at Rock the Bells

His new stuff is nice!!! "Lovelier Than You" Live Performance
Yes, he plays guitar and sings too

"Cloud 9"

Like what you hear?? This is his older mixtape.


B.O.B. - Cloud 9 Mixtape