MP3: Future feat. Theophilus London - Weakas

. Jul 22, 2008

"She thought she was poppin??? She think she hot but she nooot!!"

Notable Lines:

"I gotta let shorty know that I'm only being honest
With a one night stand cause tomorrow's never promised"

"Take that make up off, Your eyes look like you just fought Kimbo"
-Theophilus London


Future feat. Theophilus London - Weakas

Dope feel, love the beat, nice sound

Introducing FUTURE a 19 year old gifted artist/writer, born Dermot R. S. Sutherland indigenous to West Palm Beach Florida; who migrated to NYC in 2003 at the age of 13.

FUTURE affirms that it was that original performance which ignited something "indescribable" in him. His natural ability to write very precise, lyrical, heartfelt songs and deliver with such a finite thought process allows the listener to literally see the songs as he paints pictures with words. In songs like "City Boy" he takes you through his life in "the hood" and mixes "the bad" with "the good" with a music track that will definately have your head nodding. On the swag heavy, bass and string driven track "Live It Up Big" he invites his audience to know that even with his humble new beginning into this game he has a cocky side as well that will most definitely entertain and provoke challengers to his swag. Collaborations like "Rolling Stone" ft. Mickey Factz explore and display his maneuverability on a track; his creativity is paramount and reveals itself on every level.