iLL Vibes Presents: Wale - Lyrical Refreshment Mixtape Dropping 07/21

. Jul 17, 2008

It has been a pretty hot summer and a lot rappers are not quenching my musical thirst. I'm not trying to "Crank Dat Flying Squirrel", not trying to hear about a "Mille" for the thousandth time, and "Get Silly" nearly made me want to turn off B.E.T. forever all together. Nevertheless, there are a handful of rappers out there like Theophilus London, Mickey Factz, XV, Nas, Kidz in the Hall, Kid Cudi, and some others that are representing the essence of hip hop.

However, Olubowale Victor Akintimehin's (Wale) movement is close to me cause he is from the DMV, as the iLL Vibes crew resides in VA in the 703 and 757. I've seen Wale three times, I saw him perform at a club near DC and the energy was ridiculous and then I saw him perform over at my college months later and the dude is getting better and better with every performance. Finally, I got a chance to meet him at the Release Event for "The Mixtape About Nothing" at Commonwealth in D.C. and its evident that he is going to take a hold of hip hop and bring it on his shoulders for the up and coming rappers.

Wale is different from rappers because he has the perfect mix of lyricism, charisma, wit (he's sick with the wordplay), consciousness, and a flow that is unique to Wale and no other rapper. Wale is not trying to catch onto some some trend or be like another rapper, he is differentiating himself and this is what hip hop needs, as it is stuck in a time where cats are trying to be next overnight sensation catching onto a popular fad. Mr. Folarin has put in work, years of work with a number of performances and mixtapes, and he deserves to be where he is now.

Anyway, I've been collecting Wale material for a minute, and I realized that in a lot of the mixtapes people have made of his music, everybody is just putting out the quote unquote "hits" or the "bangers" and overlook some of the impressive material that Wale has released; these tracks have simply remained under the radar. Wale is not the kind of cat putting out 4 or 5 good tracks for a mixtape; rather, his product is cohesively ill. Daniel Weisman, Wale's manager, over at has been holding it down releasing all of Wale's tracks that he has done after his latest mixtape and several of those will be included.

In other words, this iLL Vibes mixtape is in some ways a mixtape after the mixtapes as it is going to have some rare, unheard, and unreleased joints from Wale. This is the first mixtape we have done at iLL Vibes and hopefully there will be more to come.
So be on the lookout, the joint is dropping:
Monday, July 21st exclusively at iLL Vibes.

I leave you here with the mixtape cover...see you on Monday: