DJ Khaled - Out Here Grinding *(Shakes Head in Shame)*

. Jul 23, 2008

(Shakes Head at 1:45)
Damn...this beat is sick....these rappers suck
The only props I would give are probably to Ross and Akon.
I respect Trick Daddy...but he was aight.
Unfortunately, the song is sorta catchy....PLIES? BOOSIE? EGHCK
This video is MAD CORNY too yo

It's funny cause Lil Wayne was supposed to on the track and he KILLED IT
But I guess he wanted to be removed last minute cause of what he heard (listen to it at the end of the video below). Remember we made a post awhile back where DJ Khaled was trying to sell the song to Kanye West....didn't work (sigh of relief *Thank God*).