Theo's "The Birth" Set For Release 08-08-08 - 2 Exclusive Singles

. Jul 9, 2008

I can't wait for Theo to drop "The Birth" coming out on the triple ocho (08/08/08)
Here are two tracks to give everybody their fix until then.

Here is Theo's first single for the CD, I love the 80s feeling I get from this track

Say It Right (Prod. Kris Fame)

Chill track, full of nostalgia and memories man....and love for Hip Hop
"Hip Hop what you doing to me?

Sweetest Language (Prod. Profit)

Just in case....for those people who don't know about Theo please check out his last mixtape.
Good stuff yo - "Theo - 85 Til Infinity"


Theo - 85 Till Infinity