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. Jun 11, 2008

Modeling a program in Paris, DC has decided to adopt a public bike sharing program with the intention of cutting back on congestion. The program, entitled SmartBike DC, has currently setup self-serving docking stations at 10 key points in the city providing roughly 120 bikes to DC residents. For an annual fee of $40, you can check out the bikes for three hour intervals from any of these 10 locations. Many skeptics are citing the failures of communal ownership stating that "renters just don't take care of items they rent as well as owners do. The loss, maintenance, and legal costs will doom this eventually and it will quietly fade away, unless it’s another government supported feel good “Program.”" To combat theft, "SmartBike subscribers who keep their bicycles longer than the three-hour maximum [would] receive demerits and could eventually lose renting privileges all together. Bicycles gone for more than 48 hours will be deemed lost, [and] the last user [would be] charged a $200 replacement fee". Programs such as these have been working for many years in European countries and given the rise in gas prices I think many people will actually consider using this service. What do you think? For the full article click here.

VĂ©lib sharing program in Paris

Smart BikeDC
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