Wale - "The Mixtape About Nothing" Release Event at Commonwealth

. May 31, 2008

The Illvibes crew was in the building for the Release Event for Wale's "The Mixtape About Nothing." Me and my homie Drew (check out his blog "Talk is Costley") rolled to the place thinking mad people were gonna be there at 1 pm...surely enough the spot started filling up at like 2:30 pm (lol). Also in attendance were Camp Lo, Tabi Bonney, and UCB. They only had a limited number of T-shirts/CDs so they did it raffle style as they handed out numbers to everybody and the first 50 could get the package, everybody else was short. Surely enough I got #98...and I was thinking "Aint this a b*tch..."

Wale came out pretty hype, dude came out mad happy and of course he should considering this mixtape is straight fire. He helped out calling the numbers for the lucky few that could get the merchandise and give him dap.

Throughout the process he was talkin with his crew about the Lakers - Celtics series and potential match up problems, you know how rappers and athletes roll, always talkin about each other.

Holla...finally he called that "98."

I got my number called and I gave dap to the man and congratulated him on the joint. I'm telling you, if you don't have this mixtape you better get it...peep our post down below to download it. The Opening Title starts the mixtape out with a bang cause Wale just spits ridiculous on the funky beats of the "Seinfeld" opening song. Check out the tracks "The Crazy","The Vacation From Ourselves", "The Artistic Integrity", "The Perfect Plan" and "The Star" aside from the already classic "Nike Boots" Remix with Weezy and the "Back in the Go-Go" with Pusha T and Bun B. Hell, check out all the tracks the mixtape is just sick.

...Oh yeah...the T-Shirt is Ill too....

Check out Wale's Latest Interview with "Wired" where he talks about The Mixtape About Nothing right here.