Hilarious National Anthems

. Apr 25, 2008

We've all seen people butchering the national anthem, so I thought it'd be funny to post the ones made public online. As much as this song has been embedded into our brains since we first go to public school, I feel like it's no excuse when people forget the words. Then again, that's me. And, of course, it's even funnier when there are crucial pitch problems. Enjoy!!

This is probably the funniest one, since this guy forgets the words and the notes!!

This girl could sing, until... damn, she forgets the words and then falls on her ass.

Another cop making a mess of the song. Watch especially how he struggles with the notes for "rockets' red glare." Ouch!! That gave me an earache, f'real.

Why did Carl Lewis think he could really sing?!? And for him to say, "Uh oh, I'm gonna make up for it," made it 10 times worse!! I could find only the audio, so if you know where the video is, get at me.

You can see some of the video here, starting at :40. They really played Carl Lewis:

This dude was really pushing for the notes! I'm surprised he didn't create an accident in his pants! In the words of the Clipse, Eughck!

Please tell me you did not die laughing when you saw/heard these joints!! haha

To balance out the humor, I'll provide a national anthem performance that is completely moving. Marvin Gaye did the damn thang with the song!