Dope Electro Videos

. Apr 25, 2008

I'm getting pretty heavy in the electronica genre recently. Below you will find some crazy new videos that have some heavy trance/electronica influence.

Midfield General - Disco Sirens

What can I say about this got Vila from The Bumblebeez on vocals, Xavier De Rosnay from Justice on bass & drums and the song is mixed by Soulwax. The combination is amazing, and the video's green lighting is mesmerizing.

Cut Copy - Lights & Music

I love this damn group, these dudes from Australia really got a way with beats. I'm telling you, don't sleep on this group. I kept on hearing about their newest CD "In Ghost Colours" being one of the best CDs of 2008, and I wasn't a believer. However, I kept on listening to them and they really grew on me. My favorite tracks from them are "Hearts on Fire", "Far Away", and "Lights & Music." When you listen to Cut Copy with your eyes closed you can just see the flashing strobe lights, it's bleeds a positive vibe. Check out when the beat drops at 1:10 and how the member of the group seems as if he pressing random buttons to create those sonic sounds, it's arbitrary perfection. Finally, the colors in the video are just beast.

Delinquent - My Destiny feat. KCat

Producer T2 really killed this track, this is electro with a pop/commercialized touch and damn is it catchy. When the beat drops at 0:47, it just makes you wanna nod your head.

Ok, so the final video here is somewhat comical, but then again also impressive. My girlfriend showed me this joint and I was done (Shout Out to Lola Bunny for the look out). These Daft Punk fans are just nuts, look at how complicated it gets at 1:49. They must have practiced their asses off.