While We Were Gone: Videos Dropped

. Mar 7, 2008

While we were gone, an onslaught of incredible videos dropped:

1. The Roots ft. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk, DJ Jazzy Jeff - Get Busy

2. Gnarls Barkley - Run. *Warning* - this video will cause you to go nuts. (Apparently, they won't show this video on air because of the risk of causing seizures.) Seriously, check out how the video dramatically shifts into an amazing visual display at the end. Oh yeah, peep the cameo by Justin Timberlake.

3. Raheem Devaughn - Customer (*DMV representa!!!!*)

4. Janet Jackson - Rock With You. The production is crazy. Honestly, I think JD is underrated as a producer.

5. Pitbull - Anthem. I was wondering when this was finally going to drop. Miami, stand up!