Let's Dance, YouTube-Style

. Mar 11, 2008

At iLLVibes, we appreciate the art of dance, leading us to become obsessive with the new show "America's Best Dance Crew" and especially with JabbaWockeeZ. I've actually been a fan of Kevin Brewer's (the only non-Asian on their squad) ever since he dropped the following video:

*Check out the precision! It's as if the beat/melody is following him and not vice versa!*

Honestly, though, the beauty of YouTube is that you can also replay clips of movies and reminisce about them. The following dance clip is probably my favorite dance clip in a movie of all time. Here's Turbo (who taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk!) in the movie Breakin':

The following YouTube clip is from David Elsewhere. This is just a classic dance clip of him freestylin, in 2001, at the Korean-American talent show Kollaboration. What he did was simply revolutionary, a hodgepodge of poppin and liquid dancing:

And, finally, here's a clip of the Korean group PREPIX. You're seriously going to be amazed by their inimitable style: